Wakeup Call Message
August 25, 2005



  St. Germain 


On this day there is a host of angels waiting to welcome you to their realm. They are declaring peace within all that you do and all that you perceive. With this declaration, you may come to a place within where you will always find a peaceful resolution to anything that may come into your world.


Good day my dear ones, I AM St Germain and I would like to explore this realm of Angels and invite you to bask in their glory. There is a place in the heavens where the angels dwell. It is not a place that you think of in terms of space and time, but a vibration of reality that supercedes all of the realities in existence.


Within this vibration is the possibility for anything to come about, to be created and experienced. This is the realm in which the angels operate. They gain access to anything that is in their field of thought and intent. From this vibration they go about their ministrations as they have intent.


It is as taking a breath through which they carry out their ministrations. As they carry on in complete and total awareness of what is taking place in all realms, they are able through the natural order of progression to administer their mercy for whomever and whatever situation they are called to.


This is a constant for them, for they are their mercy. Their very existence is to be of assistance from their realm at any moment. This is their make-up and their reason for being. It is as you when you rise from sleep and move through your day. It is as easy as when you put one foot in front of another and move along the floor; that is the way that they are. It is a spontaneity and automatic response to the stimuli of their intent.


As this day unfolds in your world, and you face the activities of the day, you are being monitored by the angels. It is not that they carefully scrutinize all that you do; it is that they are continually aware of your energy and can sense when they are being called to you for assistance.


When you sense an angel nearby it is because you have put out a vibration of communication to which an angel has responded. You may not have a conscious thought or realization that you have called, it is your soulís call that the angel has responded to. At this moment, give thanks, and then observe what may take place. This can lead to a deeper awareness of what is in store for you with the visit from the angel.


Angels are all over the fields of battle in the Middle East. They are administering to the scores of troubled souls who are caught in their own resonance of action, and have found it to be too much. The angels are bringing clarity to the souls, and assisting them to the understanding of their purpose for being caught in the desecration.


Angels are also with the sick and dying. Many of those souls are caught between the realms and are not able to comprehend and sort one realm from the other. The angel is there to assist the soul to itís own understanding of the position it finds itself in, and releases the fear of the inability to see the clear vision of itís truth of the moment.


There is an angel with you right now, this moment, in intent for peace to be your realm response. Do you feel the love? Are you tuned in to the song that is being emitted from the heart of the angel? Stop for a moment and feel the embrace of the angel as you take a deep breath and go forward in your day. Then as the day progresses take a moment occasionally and remember the touch of the feather against your cheek, or the arms of love, as wings around your shoulders.


This will bring a bounce to your step and a joy to your heart, for it is the love of the angels that brightens the gloom, and chases the dark clouds away. The angels sing to you through the trees, and gladden your eyes as you look upon a garden in bloom with all the colors of the rainbow.


Carry this feeling into your day, and watch the dark events crumble and fall into soft puffs of light that cushion your every step, for that is the purpose of the angels. They are in service to all of you and they come in multitudes in these last days of intensity before it all releases and the bright promise of tomorrow in sun and bright light come into being, flooding your world with Golden Light and bountiful gifts of love and abundance.


Let the freedom of knowing that you are protected by your own personal angel guide you through the day and comfort your every thought. You are blessed by an angel. And with this blessing shall you swing on the coat tails of God.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate