Wakeup Call Message
August 19, 2005


 St. Germain


My dear ones and fellow cosmic citizens, I have a trade for you. I propose that we all take into account the things that we hold dear to our hearts and send them to each other in a wave of love. In return, I will send to you the very thoughts of love that I hold dear.


I AM St Germain, and on this day I see much unfolding for all of you. I see that when the gates of heaven swing open, and the sentries of love, trust, compassion and joy come through you will all be in receivership. This is a sure thing my dear ones, and as we press forward with our ideas, sharing them with each other, we hasten to that open door.


I would like right now to share with you some of my ideas for bringing love into the equation in a deliberate manner. One of those thoughts is that all who walk the earth walk together in peace and harmony. Another is that there be an undemanding effort to combine the riches of the few with the meagerness of the many and make a balance to the ledger. One more thought of love I have is to make a difference to the ones who as yet do not see the light of the coming times, and are only able to perceive the moment.


Of course, to be immersed in the moment is a valuable thing. What makes it valuable is the potential it holds to lift one up and out of the muck. It can carry you to places that have as yet been unexplored by many, and that can lead to more and more riches of Spirit.


With that in mind I now accept the thoughts of things that you hold dear. I see the valuable cargo of love that spills from the incantations that you utter as you offer forth a prayer of thanksgiving. I see the love that is pouring out for Cindy Sheehan and her mother who has been stricken with a stroke. I see the gatherings across the US for the peace that is to happen through her intent of all of you to band together in common cause.


I also see the results of those thoughts; I see the troops being pulled out of Iraq in an unprecedented speed. I see the brothers and sisters reunited both in Iraq and the US. I see peace overcome the Gaza Strip and the issues of land ownership be dissolved. I see the terrible anguish and sorrow being lifted, and lives being made whole again.


I see the thoughts you all have of bringing a new wealth to the people of the world, not only of money, but also of Spirit, brotherhood and compassion with a helping hand. I see all of you in the streets dancing in celebration of the freedom that has come through the efforts of all of you. I see a planet united in strength, and combined in a just cause to bring all energies of life together in a smooth working organism that supports the diverse ways of life that are represented in all of the people of planet earth.


These things and more I see as I exchange ideas and thoughts of love with you. I see that we have the common bond of intent that brings about results. And I see that you have picked up the momentum to bring these things about.


What I do not see is that you have given up. I do not see the despair that I once saw, nor do I see the hopelessness that sets in when there seems no end in sight. I do not see anything that speaks of unjust measures taken against the people of the land.


I see only justice being served. I see eyes bright with promise. I see passion springing forth into action. I see these things in your eyes, your hearts, and your steps. Am I seeing a dream that is unreachable? I think not! I see what is in the moment and what is being brewed from the juices of love that flow through each and every one of you. If you feel that you have not tapped into those juices, then I encourage you to take the trip, go the mile, and tap into the golden nectar that flows freely from your inner self into action in the name of your most Holy self.


I close this message today with an invitation. I ask that you give me some more thoughts today as you go about your day. I suggest that they be directed to me, and be ready to listen to my replies, for I do have them. I speak to each of you in various ways. You may hear me in a song on the radio, a speech in the park, a child riding a bicycle backward, or a neighbor offering to stay with you while your child goes to his first day in pre-school.


We are all in this together, and that is the way we’ll get this done. Come and sit by my side and we’ll talk. I love our conversations, and I love you.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate