Wakeup Call Message
August 18, 2005



 St. Germain 


My dear ones, have you ever looked at a flower and seen yourself? Have you ever listened to a symphony and heard your own voice? Have you ever shook hands with your neighbor and known that you shook hands with an angel who reflected the love right back to you?


I AM St Germain, and I know that you have done that, for you have done that with me. We have been through much you and I and we are in the midst of another time of love. We are in the throes of a challenge so huge, so profound, that when we come to the other side of it, we will know that we have seen ourselves, and each other in all of the faces we meet.


When you go to bed at night, and count the stars, you are seeing the numbers of your family. You are seeing the vastness of that love, and you are experiencing the love that emanates from those shining points of light. You are a part of them as surely as we are a part of you.


We are those points of light. They are the light that shines from our eyes for you as we watch the trials that you endure. We hold a candle to your lives so that you will not lose your way. We know that you are veritable beings of miracles, and we see the progress you are making to that self-realization.


As you continue through the ministrations of earthlife, with all the tribulations and the cherished moments, we see a strengthening going on. We see a new ray of love that beams forth and is directed to the very ones who would take your power and make it theirs. We see this miracle in every thing you do, for you have discovered the truth within yourselves of the power of love and compassion.


One of the things that has brought this truth to your awareness is that you have been able to see how it works for you. You have tapped into the inner wisdom that tells you that to know thine enemy is to see him in thyself, and then to know that there is no enemy, for all is One.


From this moment on, we are surveying the circumstances of the events on earth, and we are in the midst of all that is taking place. This is true, more now than ever, for you see you have increased exponentially the intent that we be here with you on earth and around her surface. We are here to lend support where we can, more than ever before, for that is the desire of the majority.


Many who have given that edict are not consciously aware of it; it is their souls who have cried forth and stated that intent. The soul sees that this is beyond the quest that was seen to be, and it is now time to ravel the threads of the tapestry to allow new ones to be woven in.


This means, my dear ones, that we have stepped up our ministrations for you, with the Grace of The Creator. We have the decree of Heaven with us, and as we insert the energy of transmutation into all that requires it, we do so with a gladness of heart.


You have made the difference. So many of you have exhibited through your works that you are taking the bull by the horns and not sitting back in lethargy to allow this to go on. You are finding that as you take each step you feel clearer and stronger. You see things in a way that before you only hazily comprehended.


This is what happens when you live in your authority. This is the power of action in truth and fellowship. This is the action that bears the success that you intend for your lives. I congratulate you! And I state without hesitation that we are ready to take the orders from you, the ones that come from your souls.


That means that with each passing moment that you find yourselves gathering momentum to the end that you have designed, you are asking less and less of us. Yes, you heard me correctly. You have begun in earnest to go out there and get the answers to your prayers. You have found that in prayers are the results, when you reach out to receive, rather than wait for them to come to you.


You have found the answer my friends. This means that you will be seeing your goals sooner than before thought. This means that as you build toward what certain measures held in store for you, you are now bringing those very things into being. This is the power of all of you.


We are here for you, and our best gift in some circumstances is to watch as you do what a few months ago you asked us to do. It is as the child who asks his parent to help him walk. The parent holds him up for a time, and then he lets go, and the child teeters a bit and then catches himself. He stumbles for a step or two and then he takes off like a train on a track to freedom.


This is you, my friends, and this is us. We together will get this done. It is inevitable; it is written. Have fun along the way, and know that the celebration has already begun.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate