Wakeup Call Message
August 10, 2005



 St. Germain 


My dear ones, this day is one of thanksgiving and dedication to those who are doing what they can to bring peace to the world. With all the lightworkers around the globe working in their light and addressing the issues that come from their intent to bring peace and freedom there has been an influx of light that has been welcomed and added to by the lightworkers.


I AM St Germain, and I tell you this because it is a day of rest for many. These ones who take a sojourn do so with the knowledge on a soul level that they are undergoing a transformation that requires a rest from the inner activities while their fields are undergoing a rise in vibration.


This is the time that you refer to as the day of rest; we would have you think of this day as a day in which you partake of restful pursuits and allow all meanderings of your time to serve the God within.


This is a purity of heart and soul, and in this time, there will be a message given to you through the vibration of light and eternal peace. This message will empower you to read and understand the nuances of the power of the restorative process.


This process requires that you sustain a state of rest for a period in which you will undergo a restoration of the memory of certain parts of your DNA. This will enable you to bring forth a memory of what you came here to do in more detail, and it will give you the authority through your own awakening, to go forward with that plan.


Realize that this does not mean that you need to sit and do nothing on this day. This is a day of soul rest. That means that you nurture yourself and allow the light to be as it is, to be what is innate within your field. This is a fullness of the light language, and when you tune in to it today allow yourself to fully be what that light language tells you.


You will recognize this language through the feelings that come forth as you tune in. Be fully the feelings that you have, and allow those feelings to speak to you of your glory. Allow them to propel you into a deeper sense of who you are, and the rest will flow through you.


This is a time in which you are protected by all that you are, and all that is. When you are in this state, you are completely with us in your oneness; therefore nothing that is of less light can penetrate. This is the day you rest in the arms of The Creator, and you are blessed by that being.


As you go about your day’s activities, you do so with the knowledge that as your business takes place on the outside, the everyday business of life, your inner being is in a state of heaven. This can assist you to the peace and success with which you can go through your day’s activities. Realize that this state of being today is what you will be living every moment in the very near future.


I go now and I see that you all are easing yourselves into this peace as you read these words. I feel your relaxation, and I read the words that your language is giving your cells and your mind. It is sweet, and it is empowering.


Enjoy the process and know that the illusion of everyday life goes on while the real world of the inner plane is taking a rest for restorative purposes. Rest in peace and thanksgiving, for it is yours to hold.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate