Wakeup Call Message
August 09, 2005



 St. Germain 


My dear ones, I AM here to ask you all a question. What is the grandest thing that you can think of to do for humanity at this time? Thank about this as you go about your daily activities and see where your mind takes you. Feel your thoughts as they reverberate through your minds. Ask yourself what you would do if you were given unbridled power to enact that which you intend for humanity. Then do it.


Yes, do it, for you know that you can. In your way, and in your part, you can do that which you intend, for the price to pay is the whole of the wealth that is within each and every one of the pies.


I AM St Germain, and I come to you today to assist you to see that you can do that which you intend. You can bring NESARA forward into your lives in a way that bespeaks the very words that encompass it.


This is a matter of knowing that you are part of the whole, and what you do, adds to the whole and reflects the intent of the whole to some degree. You can draw on that intent and make what your estimation of what humanity needs come into manifestation.


I hear you gasping and unbelieving this idea, that you can do this. Remember that you are the whole, as every one of you is. Think about the possibility that your thought is the thought of the whole. Where did the thought come from? Was it a creation of just a miniscule part of the whole, or was its grandeur produced from a knowing that resulted in a thought of a state of being?


Consider that the earth is a live, sentient being, which she is. Consider that she has a soul and a universal mind, just as you do. Consider also that she is your mother, and you know what motherís do. They love their children unconditionally, and they serve their childrenís well-being with everything they do.


Now see how that transforms the childrenís lives, and see how the motherís interaction creates a loving bond with the children. Even in the rare case where a mother remains aloof and distant from her children, it is always according to circumstances that are in the way of her unbridled love in expression for her children.


Now see how your interaction with your mother can bring a new richness to your life. See how much more empowered you feel after a day at the beach, or in the park, or relaxing beside a river. How do you feel when you stand atop a mountain surveying the valley before you? Do you hear the angel song reverberating through your body and mind?


This is what I AM saying, my dear ones. This is the key to being able to move mountains and sing songs of victory over the blockages that may come along. You have the power to create your every wish and intent. All you need do is tune in to the family of man and the mother of humanity. This is the formula for bringing all you intend into your lives. Father Sun and Mother Earth are serving you in every moment to assist you to bring about that which is the intent of the whole.


See this truth as you go about your dayís activities. See that you create on a scale of one to one, and on a scale of a zillion to one. This is the way it works and this is the way you speak of your ability to live the goodness that you are.


While you go about the activities of the day pause every now and then and observe how you manifest. See how easy it is, even when you are not thinking about it. How easy and effortless to accomplish the tasks of the day.


Then apply this to the issues of the country you live in, and of the world. See how you can bring peace to the Middle East, and how you can bring the truth to the masses of how their freedoms have been taken away. See how you can bring into the forefront the measures that bring freedom and ease into peopleís lives.


See how you can live the dreams of every citizen of this world, the dreams to have a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothes on their backs. Yes, for some this is a dream that has yet to materialize in their lives.


This you can assist them to by bringing it forth in your life, and seeing how they can do it as well, by energetically supporting it for them. By seeing them empower themselves so that they stand alongside you with the resolve to get it done and bring it to their lives as surely as you have. You have the power to enable them to their power, by supporting them in that ability and knowing that they will enable themselves as soon as they know that and remember that.


Today we have explored the vastness of the universal mind. We have seen how everyone has it and how everyone has equal opportunity to use that mind to bring the richness of life into everything that they do. We are all one, and in that simple phrase is the formula to success. We can draw on that and activate the truth of it in our lives.


I see you all in the middle of that which is your intent. I see you all having been able to live that intent, expand that intent, for the next moment, for you have seen that you can. Now you go into the unlimitedness of existence and manifest that which is in the next moment of your intent.


You are beautiful beings and I marvel at your abilities. Your creations bespeak the Creator within each and every one of you, and it is Grand.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate