Wakeup Call Message
August 31, 2005





Good morning my dear ones. It is I, Hatonn with you this morning. I come with a message for all of you of the devastation of the city of New Orleans and surrounding area.


I have good news and I have bad news as the saying goes. The bad news is that there were lives lost and much property damage resulted as the winds and rains ravaged that area.


The good news is that there were not as many casualties as there could have been. When the original energies of this storm were born there was a decided difference that would result. The entire state of Louisiana and Mississippi as well as the surrounding states would have suffered severe damage and the entire coastline would have been changed.


This devastation was to have resulted in the splitting apart of the country by the Mississippi River and that would have caused a disruption in the boundaries of the northern part of the country as well, for the repercussions would have been that far-reaching.


This is not the reality that we live with now. What is happening is that Mother Gaia has seen that she did not have to pull out all the reserves and belt the land with the extremes of eradication that she might have had to. Had it not been for the elevation of the earthís people representing the rising of the vibratory rate of the whole, Gaia would have had to use her all to quell the rising suffocation of her breath lines.


This my dear ones is the reality that you have created. You are responsible for the decrease in destruction and loss of lives that would have resulted in this storm. Had you not seen the light of truth, and responded with your beautiful ascent into the realms of the fifth dimension in so many ways, then this message would be much more somber than it is, if indeed it could come at all.


I do not mean to bring sobering news this day. I come to tell you something that may ease your burden of sorrow for all those who are left homeless and in despair. I come to offer you some hope and some feeling of compassion and love for those who are here and were able to transmute their original contracts to have left in this storm.


These contacts were changed in 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence showed us that you had decided to go the course and achieve your lightbody status while remaining on earth.


That changed so many things for all of you. That is why there are many of you who are wondering, what do I do now? Where is my work going to take me from here on in? I thought I knew what I wanted to do, and I was following it. Now all of a sudden it isnít working for me.


It is because, my dear ones, you have made a new contract. You have seen that the old one would carry you for a while in this new life, and then it would change course and take on the energies of the new way of being. It would represent the decision that you all made to stay and to bring in the New Golden Age.


Now your work is different. What many of you have been doing in the last few years is to ride out the waves of the old contract, because the new one was still being formed. Now the new one is in place, and you are in the process of receiving the guidance for it from all of the Masters, angels and other beings of love who have grandly stepped forward to assist you in this new course.


I see that many of you have received the new calling. I see also that many of you are still wondering, maybe even floundering, for the clarity that you had yesterday is gone. For you I say this. Prepare for the new information, the new guidance by clearing your mind and your heart of all that was before and allowing the new to come flooding in.


This is the time my dear ones to look at the world around you for the clues. See this flooding and ruin as the symbology it is. See not all the loss and the devastation, but see the removal of the old and the restoration to a new way of being. It is representative of your lives right now, and with this new clarity you will find the direction that you will take your life. You will rebuild, right along with those who are facing the clearing of their old homeland and the rebuilding in a new shining way of being.


Our hearts sing for these people. We sing a song of rebirth, for that is in a way what they are experiencing. They can and will get through this, and when they stand before and amidst the new homeland they will revel that they get this done, and in record time. How long does it take to rebuild a home? How long does it take to rebuild a life?


This we will see is beyond the expected, for you are not the same as you were 28 years ago. You are the result of your declaration to live and overcome all that was set in motion. And you shall overcome all obstacles. You are bright shining examples of God in the finest. We love and honor you, and we stand before you in salute to your courage.


Thank you dear Commander Lord Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate