Wakeup Call Message
August 26, 2005




My dear ones, this is a day of fun and relaxation. This is a day to rejoice that you are alive. It is a day to get out into the sunshine and to find the way that you have of bringing sense into the world that you inhabit.


I AM Hatonn, and I come to you today with some news of import for all of you. This news is that there is coming an envoy of messengers that will be carrying the load for many of you, in as far as the changes that you have been undergoing are concerned.


As these ones come from the Federation and various other groups of the galaxy, they do so with the intent to satisfy as many tremblings of events that are taking place. In that we see that though many of you have the knowledge that there is no need to worry, that all will be fine at the end of this tryst that the illuminati are carrying out, there is still the concern for the families of those who have lost their lives and for those who are in the line of fire right now.


I see that with these envoys there is coming a release and relieving of the anxiety with which you approach these events. This is understandable, for it sorrows us to see the anguish. That is why we have sent these ones to lighten your load, while at the same time to remind you of your sovereignty and the power of your thoughts.


So, that is why I say, get out there and play, relieve the tension that you are under, and know that you are not being disloyal to those who are in despair. Know that as you relax and play you lend an air of relief to them as well. You hold them in your heart as surely as you do anyone who is dear to you.


They feel it, for as you direct your thoughts to them while in the midst of lightheartedness, that reflects to them and gives them a feeling that they can get through this, and that at the end of the nightmare comes the dream of love and unity. Then they will loose the feeling of despair and welcome in the healing energy of the love and compassion that is being held for them all around the globe. The more of you who do that, the stronger they feel it.


Do you see why it is important for you to hold the light and the feeling of joy for them? Do you realize that as they go off into battle and experience the pangs of war, you remain at home in dedication to their lives and their choices, just as surely as you do so for yourself and anyone else?


That is the unitedness that you are living, my dear ones. That is the way that the light becomes infused in all that is experienced around the globe. That is what keeps humanity strong and able to see the truth when they reach deep inside for the wisdom that helps them to make sense of all of this.


As you go out into your world and change the things you can change, you also bring a potential of change to everyone else. Through you thoughts of people like Cindy Sheehan and all the others who are banded in a tight love knot with her, you only need to give thoughts of love to them and the situation they are involved with, and they are strengthened as are you. This is a time when so many are stepping up and declaring their truth, and that is that they are peace and they demonstrate that as they give their all to their cause.


We are all heartened by the events as we see them unfold. We see a great cloud of love in glorious colors of gold, violet, pink and chartreuse hovering over all who are standing in peace. We see those same colors emitted forth from each one of you who direct your thoughts to them. That is how powerful you all are.


Another thing that we see as this is taking place in the US is that over the Middle East there are gathering in pockets the very same colors, shining forth and affecting the soldiers and the civilians as well. We see some of them pausing in their battle and putting down their weapon, as they weep for the deed they have just done.


We see children assimilating the colors and energies and shining forth their own to join those of the world. These children then smile and touch the hearts of the soldiers who gather and pause in their flight through the villages. They pause and give a momentís thanks, for they know that in those children they see God.


With these words I close this transmission. For everyone who gives a thought to peace, there is one more person on the other side of the globe who responds and allows their light to shine a little more. For every time that light shines forth into the stratosphere there is a message that goes directly to the heart and soul of all who are involved in bringing the reason for the vigil.


This has great power in the transformation of the darkness into light. Believe it when I say to you that there is nothing that cannot be done when the likes of all of you are in the soup of love and thanksgiving, for anything less than your love and compassion coupled with the intent for peace would be as mere broth. You have added much to this pot and have brought a creation of superb glory to the supper upon which all of mankind can feast and bring peace, freedom, and joy to all of mankind.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate