Wakeup Call Message
August 16, 2005





My dear ones, there is something I would like to discuss with you. That is the way of the light and how it affects your life right now. There is nothing in this world that you cannot do for yourself when you know that the light is with you, and that it is only a matter of time and perseverance that will bring to you what you intend.


Good morning, I am Hatonn, once more, and I would like to continue along the lines of yesterday’s message. I see that many of you are faltering in this time of waiting for so many events to happen, and not seeing them come to the public.


This is the time in this evolution process when the energies are right for this. More than ever before the events of revelation are being manifested, though you hear of them, you will not see them for some time.


This is based in the energy of manifestation in the inter-dimensionality that so many are experiencing now. When a dimension experience is reached by someone, indeed by many simultaneously, it sets up a chain reaction that multiplies and comes on to itself in waves.


This happens and the resultant action of it is that even though it is manifested in the thoughts of those who are in that inter-dimensionality, it is not as yet manifested in the 3D that so many are still experiencing in their perceptions.


For those people the world is going on as they have always perceived, and that represents itself in the reports in one place, namely the Internet, and in other places, the public media, it is business as usual.


When you see an occasional report come out of the mainstream, that is because there is beginning some ‘leak-over’ from one dimension to another. That is the result of many of your intentions manifesting in a way that supercedes the 3-dimensionality.


This you will likely see more often as the process goes on. There will be reports that will come forth that will then be substantiated by others, until one day, the media will be ‘blown wide open’ and all will be revealed. Till then, the universal energies of truth will still be holding the divisiveness of the 3D while in the inter-dimensionality flux.


As the times go on and more and more is brought to the attention of the public, there will be a step up of events that bear witness to the expunging of the dark energy on the planet. Mother Gaia will continue with her occasional cleansing exercises, and in a way that keeps the affects on her people to a minimum.


This will be shown in many ways, some of those ways will be regarded as a thing of beauty, and it will be well to thank her even more than you would ordinarily. This thankfulness gives extra oomph to the process for it spurs extra love energy and brings a quickening.


I am not going to tell you that this time to come in the next few weeks or maybe months will be all peaches and cream, nor will it be all mayhem and disaster. If you choose to regard it with detached interest, you can learn from it. This will in turn show you how some of the events in your personal lives do indeed correlate with those of the world, in a degree that matches the percentile.


This is the end of the lesson for the day; (smile) I will now take off my professor’s cap and don another cap, and this one is one of brother to all of you. As your brother and friend, I would like to say to you that with the coming times I will indeed be walking with you on earth, as will many others of the Galactic Federation.


Till that day you will be wise to pay attention with an air of detachment to what is taking place in the world affairs. I have seen throughout the world how instances of abuse and instances of caretaking have taken place within the same circumstances, and with this realization you can differentiate the events in your lives and come from that realization healthier and more ready for what is to come.


What is to come is grander than you can fathom at this time. It is more glorious than any sunset that you have gazed at and more wonderful than watching children playing in the park. It is grander than a day in the country picnicking and playing ball, and it is more special than a couple declaring their love to each other.


As the days wind down to the time when the energies will shift you over the edge, as Diaclosities explained the other day, you will feel the differences in the way your body becomes lighter and the circumstances of your life will begin to balance and bring harmony to your days.


Till then you will continue to experience bodily changes and emotional releases. Remember that this is a process that serves to clear you. Be aware of what is taking place for in that way you will be able to accept what is taking place with you and allow it to flow through you in a more rapid manner. You will then stand clear and tall, ready for what is to follow.


It is a grand time I speak of, and you are in the midst of it. You can choose to be a part of all the drama, or you can be an interested spectator, learning from it while not being affected by it. This latter I see for you, for you are on the periphery of gladness in ascension. This is the blessed time; live it for all it is worth. We love you all.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate