Wakeup Call Message
August 15, 2005





My dear ones, I have come today to give you an update on what is taking place in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I AM Hatonn, and I would like to tell you that there is a coming time when the questions that you all have are melted away and part of your history.


I tell you this for it is so, and in the pages of time you will read that the country known as the USA was a great power and when it finally grew into itself it became the New Jerusalem that has been talked about for centuries.


This did not come easily, the books will read, for it was a trial of the haves and the have nots; it was a matter of bringing all into a harmonic state and that meant that there would be many who would at first be disillusioned with their leaders and then they would come to peace over the roles that they played.


For the roles they played were various, and they played them with vigor. The ones who brought the challenges to the evolvement of the USA were the same ones who throughout the millennia brought havoc to many civilizations. They are the ones who came to this land and promised to play the roles of the ‘villains’.


Oh, they played other roles too, and those were roles of Light. You see, in order for people to know their light, they must visit it and know who they are. When they came here, they were in Light, and over the time of their evolvement in dislocating from their light, they assumed a role that would lead them forever in search of that from which they had fallen.


For some this proved to be a road that led to the shadows of their existence. They remembered on a soul level that they had made choices. They had decided to play the roles that they brought down through the ages and that they assumed over the lifetimes that they experienced.


This brought them to the place where they are now. This kept some of them in the element of their true nature and when they found themselves once again on the earth in another body and identity, they chose their path to follow that which their souls directed.


What you see now is the playout of the choices they made. What you see is the result of that agreement long, long ago by the ones who walk the earth at this time. Some walk in the energy of the darkness and some walk in other degrees of the Light. All walk in the Light at the Supreme head of The Creator. If this were not so, those whom some consider to be the darkest of the dark would be lost forever to The Source.


This cannot happen. This is not to be. Those who walk the road of darkness are the ones who chose to do that. We look to them as the ones who gave gifts to the others, and when all is said and done, the doors to Heaven will be open to all of those who have walked this earth.


As for what the next times look like that lead to the coverings of the history of this land, we are seeing the results of all that has come before. We are seeing the playout of the energies that have been building in the journey through time. When we see the total dis-engorgment of all that has been stuffed away, we will see the unfoldment of the nature of the progression to the point that is soon to come.


The old energies of the choices that have been made throughout time must come to the surface to be seen and transmuted. This transmutation must be recognized by all who can see, as an inevitable part of the transformation/ascension package. It is not a pretty sight, however upon closer scrutiny those who have an eye to see and an ear to hear will behold the truth of the light that is all that has come and is to come.


I know that you would like to hear in this message what the events are behind all that has been reported on the Internet. I would like to tell you that parts of what has been reported are true; parts of what is happening cannot be reported at this time, for to do so would mean complete and total chaos and a very real threat to the security of all who are on earth.


There are times when we have wished to come to you and tell you of all that has come and is to come. That is what we have attempted to do at times. When the truth of what is forthcoming is presented there will be a grand knowledge of all that has happened. What has kept us from being able to reveal all is the knowledge that to do so would be unwise. Instead, we are bringing to you what we know would benefit you to be aware of.


Please remember that the ones who would see their power over all of the earth and envelope every aspect of life on earth, are in their last throes. They are in desperation mode and that has caused them to remove all stops and make the mad dash for the finish.


They will give nothing to what they consider to be the enemy, therefore, they do not allow themselves to see that the battle has already been decided, and they are the ones who come forward to claim the prize from the ones who stand in love. That prize is the knowledge that they too have played their roles well, and that the curtain has come down. Now all are free to carry on in the victory party. All is equal, and all is moving forward from the greatest play in the history of the Universe.


Dear ones, I once again ask that you give yourselves a pat on the back, for you have seen your light and the light of the All. You have stood steadfast in what you know to be the truth of love and light. You realize that for some this will not end with a victory song, and that when the smoke clears there will be some explaining to do.


We will explain, and we will allow you to see what you have done to bring the promise of freedom and truth to come to your lives. You are living the promises that a sheaf of documents promises, and you are in doing so bringing it closer to the revelation of its coming. What is it that gives you a feeling of power and thanksgiving? It is when you step out in your authority and bring into creation the very things that you intend for your life.


Carry on, and continue to do just that, for it is the stairway to heaven; it is the way to build the energy on which this bold new step can come forth into the lives of all on earth. You are the deliverers of the truth, and with that declaration I invite you to stand forth in your own declaration, the one that visited you over two hundred years ago, and bring these truths to be self evident in your lives.


I go now and watch the marvel of activity that is before me, for I see all of you enmeshed in the light that you shine forth, and the works of that Light. Refreshing it is to my eyes and renewing to your step as you step out in your power and walk in your Light.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate