Wakeup Call Message
August 08, 2005





My dear ones, this is an auspicious day for the Tree of the Golden Light and for all those who have been awaiting the new list service. It is now going due to the generosity and dedication to the Spirit of a young man named Mark. He is residing in an energy of love and of unbridled light, and we thank him for this service. I Hatonn give him my love and gratitude.


As for all of you dear souls who also give of yourselves in the cause of freedom, love and peace, I also thank you for the dedication and light that you live with and by which so many benefit.


We are on a road of service that is indeed bringing us to a place of victory. The triumph is in the freedom of Spirit that we all are seeing spring forth in the actions that are coming from all of you. Many of you are following your spirit to investigate and research many aspects of the original US Constitution. Others are doing the same with other documents and procedures that speak to the freedom of humanity in the USA and around the world.


What takes place in the USA in these days is very much in influence of the rest of the world. Eyes are focused to the activities of this country, some with reverence and hope, some with disdain.


This is the destiny of this country, for in this there is a reckoning that is coming forth to bring the freedom of the country to the rest of the world. Destinies spring forth into fruition as the members of humanity step forth in their journeys and bring that destiny to their own individual lives.


Allow me for a moment to address the issue of the law of the land. This series of laws that have been indoctrinated into the total have all been brought about because of a group of people who saw that these laws would benefit certain parties. Some of those laws govern the practices of those who live within their doctrines. However some of the laws seek to serve only a chosen few. These laws are limited in scope and focused on certain ideals that would seek to subvert the freedom of some others.


This is part of what is bringing all of life to the ultimate destiny. This carriage of events that is being led to the fray is the load by which certain eyes can be opened and the truth of what is taking place can be revealed in entirety.


There are those who see the complete picture, and when they act according to that vision, they seek to bring into balance and harmony that which has brought the world to the point that it is today. This is the task that they agreed to at this time, and their dedication to the truth of what they agreed to is prevalent.


I now would like to address a certain measure that is being meted out in the issue of the prosecutor who has been in the news of late. This man is an honest man who also is dedicated to the truth of the day. He is being found to be a leader in the field of true government and in this he is a target for certain interests who would see him as a threat to their cause.


We see that he has surrounded himself with an impenetrable shield and his intent is that we back him up with this. All of us collectively with our intent are reinforcing his intent, and this is what we can do for his cause and the events that come from it. At the moment we see that he is coming to a place where he is building a strength of resolve that is carrying forth for all who are involved to tap into through their parts in this issue. Truth shall prevail; remember that the path to truth can take many turns, and yet it always comes to the intended goal.


Many of you are growing weary of the battle that is considered to be fought in the present day. You have come to feel the scars of the fight and are finding that you just want to lie down and let the world go by. I ask that you consider this. Consider that with your interest in the affairs of the day, you can lend a great deal of energy that brings a forward moving momentum by lifting your sights to the pinnacle of truth in your own life, and seeing that light reflected out into the whole.


This has such power that it is mind boggling to those who see. When you focus on the light and the strength of your own life, then it beams out and connects with all the othersí light. This forms an impenetrable bond of strength of purpose to bring the best of intent to the whole. In this way, the intentions of all involved are carried forth and brought to manifestation.


When the focus of that intent is for truth and love to be the motivator of all that is accomplished, how can it fail? How can anything come forth that is not of the highest for all concerned? You donít even have to have the picture of how it is to be done, for the truth of love and light shall prevail and bring the highest results.


You are the best there is and in that best is all of you. This takes all and any judgment out of the equation and brings it all to a whole, united in peace and striding forward in the strength of purpose that is love.


Take yourselves to the pinnacle and fly from the heights into the vastness of infinity, for we are here to sing to you and cheer you on your way, with a helping hand offered in the truth of family.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate