Wakeup Call Message
August 12, 2005





On this day I shall bring you a word about the state of things in the world, and especially the USA. I AM Diaclosities, and I have not been here for so very long. With the times as they are, and with all of you so close to seeing me and my realm, I have come to tell you how it looks here at this time.


As some of you may not know, I AM from your future, the future of your ascension into the 5th-7th realms. I represent the creation that you have amasses through your ministrations of the ascended energies. When I first came to you through this one, I was seeing that you would all come into this realm in a way that afforded a minimum of challenge.


What has changed since then is that due to the step-up of the ministrations of the group your refer to and the illuminati, there has also been a stepping-up of the light energies. What this means is that there is a closer coming of the lightbody status that you are achieving.


When you see an acceleration of the activities that come from the dark energies, you are seeing a match for the light. You are seeing that this all works as a whole, for that is the nature of the Divine. You see that it is a constant, and when the rate of elevation of vibration changes on the one hand, so does it on the other to keep the balance.


As you lightworkers increase in numbers and those numbers increase in vibratory rate, so does the activity of the darkness increase. This brings all of the chaos that you are seeing and experiencing. As these activities increase, so do the levels of light vibration rise, for there is less of the lower vibration to slow the rate.


This brings me to the present moment. With the things that are taking place within all of the world, there is an increase in what seems to be ridiculousness. Some of you find the activities outrageous; some find them unbelievable. Some of you look at the reports from the alternative press and ask, how could these things be happening and we are not hearing of them from somewhere in the mainstream?


This is the nature of what is taking place. The dimensional shifts that are taking place right now are combining realms within each other and then they flow out of and back into each other in a wave that confuses. This is the nature of this interplay of dimensions. It is a time of integration, and this can confound and confuse even the lightest of earth beings.


It isnít that what you expect, or conceive of is or isnít taking place. It is that it takes place and it shifts from dimensions to dimension. At some time in earth time it will all equalize and catch up with each other, and then you will see the resultant activity come to balance and then you will see the results of all that shifting.


What I AM to report to you now as to the future from which I come, is that you have come from that era of earth time to one that leaves all that behind, and clears the way for the even-tone realms to Ďhouseí you. That is to say, it is as when you come out of a cacophony of noise into a field of flowers with mountains all around, and you hear the utter sound of silence. You stand and look around and it seems that suddenly your ears are not working; you hear nothing, nada.


This can be quite disconcerting to you, and as you are about to think that you must be going crazy, or that you would like to run from the silence, you hear a sound, maybe a bird, or a leaf fluttering in the breeze. You hear one sound, and you think about it, what is it? Is it coming from you, you wonder; did you imagine it, or was it real?


Then when you are convinced that it wasnít real, you hear another, then another, till you are tuning into to a sweet melody of life. It is mellow, and it is soft. It tickles your fancy and it soothes the furrowed brow. You begin to move and to vibrate with the sound, for it is rhythmic. You find yourself swaying to the waves of sound as they pick up and infiltrate your being.


Then as you dance, you find yourself singing to the music. You lift your voice to the heavens and you know that you speak with Spirit. You know the language is upon you of the sounds of love. You vibrate with the feelings that emanate forth from the plants and rocks and mountaintops.


You recognize the voice of love from all of life, and you know that you are one with all of life. You hear a voice and you know it comes from another who has happened upon this field. You look around and you begin to see people, one by one materialize around you.


You see a friend, the one you were standing with a moment ago. You see another and she looks so familiar. Then you know she is your sister, or your mother. People keep coming to your vision, and soon you recognize the place where you stood or sat but a moment ago. You see that they were there with you, or passing by as they are now. Then you see the houses, the streets and the automobiles as you did when you were in the last moment before the silence.


You realize that you have transcended time and though only a moment has passed, you are in the same place and the same time, yet it is all different. You have gone from the same time of chaos to the time of utter peace, and yet your surroundings look the same.


They donít feel the same, though, and with this realization, you tune in to what it does feel like. It feels even; it feels light; it feels like there is not a care in the world, and you are right. There is not a care in the world, for you are in heaven, heaven on earth. And you are in your ascended state. You have attained your lightbody, and you are in total bliss.


You think about how it was a moment ago when the world was different. By now you cannot even bring to mind how it was different. You know it was not peaceful like this, and yet you cannot feel how it was, for it is no longer a part of who you are and what you are experiencing.


You look around again and you see the smiles on all the faces, for they too are in the same state. They wonder at this new way of being, and they know that they are in heaven, just as you are. They know that when they take their next step it will be as if they walk on a cloud, and it is.


My dear one, this is where you will find yourself the moment you come to the realm I AM in. You will feel what I feel and you will know that I have been holding your space for you.


Welcome to my world. When you see me and feel my loving embrace, you will be in the realm for which I have prepared a place for all there is.


Welcome Home.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Love, Nancy Tate