Wakeup Call Message
August 24, 2005





My dear ones, I come to you this day to share with you an issue that will benefit in being cleared up. With this issue there has been much consternation and some disclosure of facts. This is an issue that when cleared up will prove incontrovertibly that there is nothing that cannot be solved with love.


What I would like to address is this: it has been said around town that there is nothing that cannot be settled with a large amount of trust, and a small amount of indecisiveness. This is true, and with this statement I bring forward the idea of spendthriftness in the society that is surrounding and leading you all today. I AM Avenda, and I speak on this subject for the purpose of possibly clearing it up for all of you.


The subject of money and the way it comes to you is one that many of you are dealing with, in these times especially. You feel that as lightworkers you should not have to work hard for what you need, to get you that which you need, and desire. You also have been told that you may have all that you intend and more, for the vast wealth of the universe is at your disposal.


This is true. You are able to access that which you intend. You are able to do it with a minimum of effort. You are able to do those things in the state of your mastership. What you are doing now is to reclaim your mastership, and in so doing arrive at a state of wealth, prosperity, abundance as your natural state.


This is what you are coming to; you are at various stages of that abundance, and some of you have arrived at a higher stage in that than others. There is no reason for that other than that your path takes you through this prosperity dance at its own rate. There are lessons to be learned, pinnacles to be achieved, and when they are achieved the results are almost instantaneous.


This is a question of what it is that you are in line for in your path. This is a matter of choosing to be wealthy at a certain stage of your growth, or to continue to wade through the patterns of your lifetimes to get to the other shore where your ease of prosperity awaits you.


This is a matter of being able to recognize the pitfalls along the way, and how they fit into your own idea of wealth. What are the obstacles to your abundance? What have you convinced yourself of along the way that says that you do not deserve all that you intend, and more? Why is it that you have given yourself the difficult road to prosperity?


Some of the questions you might ask are all of these and also what you can do about them. You can look into the depths of the situation you find yourself in and recognize the scenario for what it is. Have you allowed yourself to become complacent in your journey, or have you found yourself to be so forward looking that you do not see what it right here in front of you?


I am here to tell you that the road for this one has not been an easy one, and she saw that this would be the best way for her to resolve her issues with money. Now that she has surmounted some of those obstacles, she is finding life to be a bit easier. She also recognizes that it is time for this to accelerate into a stream of prosperity that is leading her to more than just being comfortable in covering her needs and a few desires. She sees that to be truly living her wealth is to be in a place of acceptance of what is.


What she is not living at this time is to allow the free flowing of unlimited abundance. She is seeing that to get by and be able to have enough to spend for what she feels comfortable with is not as she thought it would be. She sees that now as she explores further her creative abilities and decides once again to market them, she is thinking that she may not be able to make money on them, but that is alright, for she loves doing them and that is enough.


She is preparing herself for the fall, my dear ones. She knows that it is more blessed to create and that she gets much satisfaction in the journey. Yet she puts an obstacle into the equation of intending to allow her love in creation to bring her abundance completely. In her saying to herself from the beginning that she is happy to just be doing her love, she is limiting the outcome of her creation, and not allowing the whole equation to manifest.


I now AM suggesting to her and to you that in your process of creation the full equation may look like this: idea + vision + action + knowing + love + acceptance + unlimitedness = manifestation. This means to take off any limiting thoughts, change them to ‘Yes, I will go from idea to manifestation all the way with no limits, in full acceptance of what is.’


It is fine to know that you do this for the love of creation, the expression of your creative abilities, then to take it further be grateful for the knowledge that you are fulfilling your contract in the manner that suits you. This means that no matter the road, you are in full acceptance of where it takes you, for you created that road.


Perhaps the idea you had did not seem to be taking you to the manifestation in the way you saw it would. Look again at the method you employed, and ask yourself if there is another method that can be followed. Perhaps this other way can lead you to other means of expression. Perhaps you are missing the pot of gold by trying to find the right rainbow.


Take a few moments and look at all the components of this manifestation idea. Ask yourself, what did I not see that may be the leg of the journey that will take me to my intended goal? Also ask if there is a different goal that is in my purpose at this time, and am I using this diversion in order to keep myself from taking this new road.


By exploring all possibilities in a situation, you will find the course that you have prepared for yourself. This is the time for moving forward in your steps, and more than ever, they may have taken a drastic turnaround or change of direction. Be open to the urgings that say to you to take a different direction, and then ask if this is the direction for now, trusting that the way for it will be at your fingertips.


These are the days that are ripe with change. If we are ready for that change we are already on the upswing. Being ready and being on the way are the same. Think about that as you contemplate your next move. It will bring you untold wealth and love, wealth of Spirit and love of all that you bring into your life.


Go now into your next new moment and ask what you are to do to make it the best it can be, then walk into that moment with the verve and passion that becomes you. I see you now crowned in glory and surrounded with the success that self-love and appreciation of all there is bring. Glory to all!


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate