Wakeup Call Message
August 05, 2005





Wake up my beautiful people and see the sunshine through your eyes. See the moonbeams filtering through the shadows and hear the faint whisper of the breeze as it flows through the trees.


We are blessed with the sounds of love and the heightened awareness that is permeating our senses for the remainder of the time in which we shall remain in the realms that we now reside. I speak for this one who sits at the keyboard and sends this message of love far and wide through circles and lines of readers.


I AM Avenda and I wish to inform you all that as you all go through the process of lifting yourselves into the higher dimensions, you become acquainted with the furtherances of yourselves and the new beings that you have been waiting for.


As you go through this process you use the issues on earth to gather to you the tools by which you ascend into the higher realms. You utilize the emotions and the feelings that arise from the issues that you face. From this you garner a new understanding of what it is to live in one dimension and yet rise to another and another for moments, minutes, hours and even days at a time.


This is the process by which you achieve your greatness. It is not necessarily the deeds themselves, but what you learn from those deeds. You come to an area of expertise in your meanderings through life and you see the nuances of life played out in the wake of your travels.


This is the journey that takes you to a clearer understanding of who you are, and who you are not. It is the road by which you assess your progress and the way that you tred softly or heavily upon the trail. It is a wish that you fulfill for yourselves and it is a step that you take toward the goal of self-fulfillment.


As you go you see the others in whom reflects a portion of yourself. You ask that reflection what it is that is intended. You then take that knowledge and try it on for size. Is it indeed truly you, or is it merely someone else pretending to be you in your eyes? You can choose, you know, for it is a matter of choice, this life. It is a matter of deciding which way to turn at every stretch of the road.


When you get there, when you reach the pinnacle of your understanding, then you will find the road to be wide open. You thought the travel was over, when indeed it has just begun.


Consider the life forms on other planets in other galaxies. Do you think that in this whole of existence there are only humanoid forms? I know you do not; I know that you are aware of other forms and other concepts of life. I know that you see those others as sovereign to their own lives as you are to yours.


What would you do if one day you came around a corner and there in your path was a being who looked like a cross between a frog and a horse? Would you blanche and shrink from itís sight, or would you fear and attack? Maybe you would instead offer your hand in a gesture of friendship, though the hand would tremble just a tiny bit.


This is human nature to fall from the unknown. It is part of the way of being while in duality. However, if you have noticed, there is a change taking place in this duality life. There is a coming together of all of you.


When you are in conversation and suddenly you are finishing each otherís sentences. That is the merging of minds. When you both see the same thing and see one image, the same and yet individually, that is the sharing of the vision. When you speak with your heart and are understood completely, that is the language of love more refined than ever.


I stand with you all as you go through these changes. I stand with this one as she undergoes her challenges and her rewards. I feel her changes as she does, and I understand her challenges as opportunities that she has brought to her.


I know that you all go through these changes, and you ride a plateau for a while then you seem to fall back a little. You are picking up the pieces and sweeping clean the area for the new way of being. You come through it bright and shining and leave no leaf unturned. You seem to falter at the threshold, and you wonder at the hesitation. It is merely your backward glance that spotted a crumb and went back to clean it from your wake.


It is a journey of love that you take. When you tune in to and become a part of all that is going on in the world, you begin to feel overwhelmed, and then you wonder where this will take you. You merge yourself more in the world and think that it will bring understanding. It may and yet it may take you deeper into the mire, until you stop and look around you.


You tune in to what you feel and you tell yourself, wait. Wait and see what this brings to my emotional and feeling body. Where are my solid knowings now? Are they as muddled as the events that drew me here, or am I seeing clearly because I have taken my time and tuned in to my sense of love and intuition all along the way?


Am I assured a peaceful journey through this land of chaos, or am I allowing myself to get all stirred up in the process? Shall I sit back and take a breath and tune in to my divine process of assimilation of what is around me?


This is the process of discernment, my friends. This is the way to find the truth of what is being played out around us. This is how we make sense of what we have immersed ourselves in, and gives us the opportunity to grow from it. It is a matter of being able to separate truth from fiction. It gives us the ability to see what is clear and what is to be used for the whole picture.


Take these considerations into mind when you stride out into the world and the events that shake it. Go if you feel led and immerse yourselves in this mess, for it is why you created it. There is purpose to this chaos, and it lies in the ability to see that it is not all chaos, but a whole lot of playing around the field of life and being able to see the jewels while dodging the blows that come our way.


We are all one big family, and we know the buttons to push. We surely see the connection on a level that supercedes the ones less traveled. This is the way to gain the respect of our fellow humans and to feel that respect for ourselves. This is uppermost in this trip through time that we have devised for our purposes.


Here we are in the same arena once more dodging this and eluding that, while at the same time we are running full force into another thing that sends us reeling, or puts us into bliss.


Enjoy the ride, my dear ones, my friends in this play, for you are the ones who are staging the play, casting the roles, and acting out the parts. You are the creators, the actors and the audience. Appreciate the applause, for it comes from all of you, and from the deepest part of your appreciation comes the reward.


You are ascending to new heights and you are the ones who are finding yourselves at every turn in the road. Enjoy the trip, and ride the waves of love and joy with everyone.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate