Wakeup Call Message
August 29, 2005





Wake up my sleepyheads! Wake up and hear the call to action. It is time for all of you to come out from under the covers and begin your day in the sun.


I AM coming to you from aboard my ship and I would like to introduce myself. I AM commonly known as Atmos and this is the second time that I address you this morning. This one who receives my vibration is astounded at my coming through her this day, for she has just read my message through her dear friend Mike Quinsey.


I come through her this time, for I wish to expound on something that is a part of what I spoke of through Mike. What I wish to say now is that it is a time when there will be more than enough of all there is to go around, for you will see that it is so. This is what makes the difference my dear ones, and as you see that, then at the same time you will see the proof of that in what you have available to you.


I speak of the measures that you take now that will lead to the manifestation of that which you desire and find of use in your life. You will find that when you desire something, then it comes into your life only after you know that you can and indeed do have it.


This brings me to my point of this message. How much do you believe that you can have clean air to breath? How often do you look at the larder and see that there are only things in there that cost a minimum, and are not necessarily the best food for you; you bought it because it was all you could afford? How many times have you said that when you get more money, when the funds come, then you will do this or buy that? How often have you filtered yet another glass of water and known in your heart that it is not the water of your childhood and is empty of minerals?


My dear ones, you are experiencing what we sometimes call a dragging of the mind. You see what you are used to seeing in the replication of the media and the senses that represent the third dimensional reality that you live in.


You can change that in your life, and therefore change your life and the things in it. You can change your reality by getting out there and living the other side of the coin. You can by your knowing change the air that you breathe into your lungs. Right now today, you can say to yourself in thought or voice that you breath the air of purity that your lungs take in and send to your whole body the essence of the Gods in the breath of The Creator.


You do not have to say that all every time that you breathe; say it once with the intent that it be a constant. That way, you will by your very intent centered in your Godself, be the purifier of the air that you breathe.


There is a byproduct to this. Yes, by this action of intent, you will in turn be breathing out the same purified air. There will be a difference though, it will contain the essence of your Godself and that will conjoin with all the other particles of air, and make the whole pure. If all of you who read these words do that, you will be instrumental in assisting to clear the air of its impurities, and keeping it clean.


This premise works in all that I have mentioned, and anything else in this life. Use this method of bringing to you the essence of God into every factor of your life. Your mind has infinite abilities to create in your life what you experience in every moment.


Look at how powerfully your thoughts have created your life in the past. You had the intent when you first came here to live a life in duality and free will. You have done this and you have brought the intended results to your existence. You have experienced many different things and have learned much about who you are not. Now it is time for you to remember who you are and you can do that, hastening the process, by using your minds to create who you are in your reality.


Yes, we are coming to assist you to clean up your world in all aspects. The more you are able to do this before we come, the more you will appreciate the world you have created, and the easier and swifter will be the process that we undertake with you.


This is a co-operative event that we speak of, for this is your home planet as earth humans, and your victory to overcome the darkness is to be able to live here in the fullness of your self and to enjoy the life of earth in her pristine beauty. You are one with Gaia, and in that truth, you will be able to unite your intent and create the Garden of Eden as it was first seeded so many millennia ago.


Everything is seeded in greatness, the greatness of the Mind of God. You can bring that Mind of God into cohesion with your ego mind and then watch the blooming forth of the enrichment of your lives.


We stand with you in your intent, and we love the place where we stand. Go now and free yourself in the world today, for it is yours and you can make of it what you want, and what you intend.


Thank you dear Atmos,

Love, Nancy Tate