Wakeup Call Message
August 09, 2004



          Today my friends I am going to take you to a place where you will know who you are and what you are doing at every moment, for the moment will be all there is in your present reality.

          Does this sound foreign and perhaps a bit fearful? I realize that the unknown still may hold many fears for you, and in that premise I say to you that there is nothing to fear, for you have brought yourself to this moment. I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to this morning’s message.

          When you reach a point where you are weary of the chase you may lay your head down and refresh your spirit every day. That is indeed what you do in your present reality. There will come a day when you will find less and less need for that sojourn, for you will be in a constant state of rest and rejuvenation. This will cause you to be in your power and in your glory at every moment. You will find that the hours will melt away and be as one with all time. You will find that you will be able to go to a memory and live it without the deployment of emotions, and in that doing, you will find that you will see what the memory carries and how it affected your life in a way that gave you an opportunity for Grace.

          This is a time for you to see how this works in your everyday carryings on. Now you can begin to see how this will work. You can make your present reality span all time now and start to live that future time. You can do this, for you have already reached that point and in that knowledge you can begin to go there, with your intent.

          When you are living that future, it will not be as if you have given up on the process, for that is part of the process of getting there. It is a unique place that you find yourself right now, for in the in between time of being in the now and being able to transcend time and visit the past and future at the same time, you are really transforming the present and bringing it all into your present reality.

          This is why you are able to visit all the time there is. You have created time and you can further create it to work for you, rather than against you. You have done that in the past, and in the future, therefore it is within your reach.

You are going to find in the next few weeks and months the fullness of what I tell you now. You will find as you go about your business and occupy your time that there will be more of it, or less, according to your perspective of life, and what you want of it. You will find yourselves waking in the morning, or lying in bed at night thinking about how you used the time you had and how it seems to be a meldable element of your life.

You will be right, it is meldable and it is yours to play with. It is yours as surely as the clay that spills off the table in child’s play. It is meldable sure as the beautiful works of art that come forth at the artists hands as the chips of stone fall away to the ground. You are the artist and your hands and minds are the tools. Your hearts are the inspiration, and your intent is the pusher behind the tools and inspiration.

Take these abilities and mold your life with the time you desire and make your days and nights melt into oneness. That is the way of the future, and since you have already structured the format for the changes you are already living it. You are in the beneficial environment for the changes you intend, for there is already the premise by which you will be living your dreams. You created it, and you in your ecstasy of the moment will bring it to your present reality. What you consider to be in your future will be your reality and then you will have transformed time and brought it to the moment of eternal bliss.

I take you now to the place where you see yourselves in the sands of time. You place yourself there and you cover yourself with those particles of sand till what you have is a resemblance of who you are in the eye of the beholder. You know, though, that underneath that façade is another person altogether different from what is being shown to the outside world.

You are soon going to change that outer picture to look as you see it to be from the inside out. You will take those particles of sand and you will mold them according to the blueprint that you have formed on the inside and project the image to the outside for all to see.

Then my friends, those outside will see those particles arranged in a manner that bespeaks their perspective. They will be a reflection of what they see their own particles to be, and they will also see the fullness of what your projection is to them reflected in you back to them.

Is it not an adventure? Is it not a time of magic? It is time my friends to take the particles of sand and scatter them at will along the beaches of time. There is no greater feeling than to know that you are anything you desire to be and that you are living the Godliness within in purpose of joy and love and peace. There is no finer moment in life than to see yourself as the brightest example of God and to know that you are part of the All, for All is one and All is the brightest of bright miracles of God the Creator.

Take time today to reflect on what has been given this day, and take care to find the joy in the reflection. I salute you and I bend down to kiss your feet, for the sands of time caress you and declare you Holy.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate