Wakeup Call Message
August 23, 2004



          My dear ones, there is a coming time when you will all be able to go to the ends of your patience and then find that you have an infinite supply. That is the time when you will be able to fend for yourself in a world of resistance and render it non-resistant reality.

          Good day, I am Sananda, and I welcome you to the world of extreme makeover, in a world of supposed inadequacies and shortcomings. This is a world that will no longer be the case, for in such a world there is no room for the angels that you are coming back to being; in fact you never left there… you just put on a cloak and pretended to be less than you are.

          When you finally walk away from the idea that you are less than supreme beings, therefore less than invincible, then you will remember all that you are capable of. You can start right now, and bring that reality into your present world, just by being what you feel to be, in love and in the power of walking in the Christed light that shows the way to the truth.

          When you started down this road you left behind the golden age that brought you to the place where you knew that you could some day return. You knew that you would have the ability at some time to return to the full sovereignty that you now are coming back to. You are reclaiming your power, and it is a sight to behold.

          We sit here on our thrones of gold and we feel you in our company. We find that the sweetness of your touch is most welcoming, for the journey has been long. Before, while you were totally engrossed in your forgetfulness, your touch was not as accessible. Now we feel it regularly, now we know it as us, as who we are, and the knowing is sweet and tender.

          When you go about your days, and you feel the pangs of remembrance realize that they are there for a purpose. They are there to awaken you to the reasons you are in the positions you find yourselves in at the time. These feelings you experience are the feelings that say to you, remember me and remember what I am to do at this time, for it is glorious and it is the answer to the troubles I find myself in. Then you will realize that those supposed troubles are not really troubles at all, but resistances to the truth, the truth that you are not allowing into your world.

          Let go of these resistances, my friends, for they hold you back. They keep you from realizing the forward movement that you have set into play for yourselves. This is the time for movement; the time for sitting and reminiscing is over, and it is now time to rise out of your null zone and move, flow forward with the wind and with the changes that are built into this momentum.

          No more are you to stand still and ponder your next move. You are in your next move as soon as you set foot out of bed in the morning; as soon as you rise out of the chair and take a step. You are on the way to the next moment, and it is grand, if you allow it to be.

          Take the chance that you resist, and realize that it is a grace period. Take the initiative that your body tells you, and know that it is right and correct for you. Do not deny yourself what it is that is pressing upon you to do and to feel. This is a time for honesty within yourself, and within the world that you have created.

          Go now and make this the day that is built in heaven. It is the next day of the rest of your life, and it is yours for the making. You are Creators, and The Source has given you that ability. Grace that knowledge with the confirmation that you know that truth. Be the ones that have created the miracles in the name of the Creator, for that is the truth of Spirit.

          I salute you and I hold your hands in a soft grasp of love for who you are, my brothers and my sisters in love.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate