Wakeup Call Message
August 12, 2004



          My dear ones, I come to you this day with a message of love and of fury, for sometimes, one rides on the coattails of another. I AM Sananda, and I am with you on this day to bring you to a bit of truth that can set you free.

          With these words I can bring you an inspiration that can set you free and release all the bonds of anger that are keeping you in the state of immanency that you find your self in.

          It is a state of imminence to fly into a rage and find yourself unable to cope with a situation that challenges you. It is a state that tells you that your life at the moment is out of your control.

          This is a time for you when there is no stopping the propulsion of your emotions, and you are acting on impulse of flight or fight. When you flee, you do so with the attitude of denial, for you cannot escape the emotions that befall you and you are not going to be the carrier of the results of your staying.

          When you fight, you may loose control and allow yourself to do something that you will regret. You know this to be true, and this is the part that scares you, for you do not want that, you do not want to be the one that gives himself over to the weakness of fury.

          This is because you know that there is nothing you can do to stop yourself once you begin and that means fighting to the end. You have been conditioned at your worst times to battle till the victor emerges and the loser lies on the ground. This has been society’s way since ancient times, and it no longer fits into the present day scenario, except on the battlefield.

          You are operating from an ancient set of rules here, and when you find yourself in a situation that does not contain itself in reason, then you feel less than controlled and this triggers that old memory of “till death do us part”.

          You know that this is not how a lightworker acts, and this adds to the fray. You feel that this is a place of emotion that is past for you, and that you should be able to rise above it. My dear ones, this is a very real part of what has been conditioned into your genetic makeup, and to resist it is to perpetuate it.

          Instead of resisting, give yourself a command, tell yourself that you are the ruler of your emotions, and you choose love. That can stop you cold. That can give you a whole new response to the situation. It can empower you to act differently in the situation that pushes your buttons.

          You are loving beings, that is your inherent nature, to love one another as yourself. That is part of why you feel so powerless when you anger. Oh, you may say that you feel very powerful, and this may be so, however, it is a power that is based in fear, therefore it is a power that is really coming from the situation, not the love that lives within.

          My dear ones, this is your chance to do it differently. It is your chance to find that power from within and place yourself in a position of power to handle the situation with a firm yet gentle hand, one that leaves you with a feeling of peace and compassion. You will like yourself, and the situation will be rendered whole in love.

          You are the one who is in control of your life, and in that you are master of all you do. The God within is the source of power that stops and sees the situation with a great deal of reason and love is at the heart of that reason. With your ego being lead by your spirit, you can overcome any emotion that comes your way to give you strength in that love.

          Yes, this is a human trait that need not be the ruler of your days. Being human means that you are given a vessel by which to carry on the work of your spirit. That is the wonderful thing that you are. With your ego being lead by your spirit, you can move mountains and tend sheep, and go for miles without stopping in the cause that you present to yourself.

          Being human is a delicate thing at times, for when the reptilian part of your brain gets triggered, it brings about the instances of abuse that have been programmed in for trigger mechanisms. You are in a time of this life when you have built in a way to counteract that trigger, and transform it to that of pure love. This is part of the process of transforming the brain into a lightbody representative of the old way of being. The body is being transmuted and made light to match the spirit. All will be operating from that pure instinctual element of your lightbodyness.

          So, my dear ones, as I too have had to in the past overcome the occasional bouts with anger, so too are you being given the opportunity to transform that part of your brain to be instinctually coming from spirit. This is your golden hour, and when you stop in your anger and think LOVE, then you empower yourself to a different way of being, and you erase that old genetic patterning of reaction to one of empowering love and reason of spirit. You can reprogram your brain to act in love as the first reaction. Then my friends, I am telling you this, that will surely empower you enough so that you will draw less and less of that kind of situation to you, so that you will be in harmony with all there is at all times.

          As I leave you this day I do so with a great deal of love, and a promise to you. There is nothing in this world that you cannot do in the name of love that represents love more clearly than standing in your power and moving mountains in the name of God the Creator.

          I salute you and I hold a candle to your love for all the world to see.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate