Wakeup Call Message
August 11, 2004
  St Germain


          On this day that has started with such a bang for some of you there is a decided merriment in the air. This is according to your plans for the day and for the rest of your life. There is no difference in what you do today and how it looks for the rest of your life, for in the energy of today you can find a blueprint for the rest of your life.

          I AM St Germain, and I have come to tell you that you are molding your eternal now at this moment, and when you go out into your day, you will find certain patterns that you have been accustomed to will fall away and be as dust at your feet.

          How will this affect you in the days to come? As I told you all last night, there are coming changes that will press some into deeper service, and cause some to want to flee from their own shadows. This is the beginning of the times of tribulation that have been mentioned in revered books.

          The difference is that these times reported to last a thousand years will be but a millisecond or a few days or months, depending on how you all step up to the task and find the power that is inherently yours to be and live the Gods that you are.

          I do not mean to bring you a challenge that you are not ready for. You have stepped up in your dreamtime and announced that you are ready for this…you have called it in. You are already exhibiting the traits in some cases, of the lightbeings that you are. All you need do is put one foot in front of the other, and go about your days with the forthrightness that is inherent within.

          Going through this time that is ahead is going to be of your making. It is a time when you will find some challenges that you may feel are more than you can bear. This is in purpose my dear ones. This is because you have looked at the world and the wars that are taking place on the battlefields and in the hearts f so many, and you have said that you will not allow this any longer. This has gone beyond what you agreed to. This is to come to a stop, and you are to be a part of accomplishing just that.

          You are going to do that with your love and compassion, my dear ones. You are going to do that with the aplomb that is at the front of your being. It is a simple thing really, and it is within your realm of possibility. What you need do is to be who you are at every given moment and do that with the flair that bespeaks the powerful being that you are.

          How will this show itself in your life? One thing that you will do is find that you are happy doing what you do. Yes, you create your world, and if you do not like it, then you can make a change. Either you make a physical change by leaving where you are, what you are doing, or you change your mind about your situation and how you feel about it. Also what you do is to bring a degree of love into a relationship that causes you pain or unfriendliness.

There is no reason for any animosity in anyone’s life; it too is a matter of changing your mind. You do not have to hold ill feelings toward anyone or anything; just release those feelings and watch your spirits lift. That person or circumstance does not have to change, only how you perceive it.

          Another thing you can do to enjoy these next times is to love thy neighbor as thyself. This applies to the previous point, and in simplicity is the formula for success. When you come to a point in the road where you are confused as to which way to turn, then pause for a moment and allow the inner guidance to whisper the way, then don’t question, just go there, in glee and a knowing that around some corner on that road is a signpost that says Heaven-0 miles, and you’re there. You are in heaven of your making.

          My dear ones, there is so much that is taking place in your world that is difficult to handle emotionally. That is the dregs of the negative energies showing themselves before the last blast on the horn to happiness sounds loud and clear. When you tune in to these happenings smile and feel the compassion for all concerned for you will know in your hearts that this is the gift that is given to humanity. You will know that what is behind these activities is a golden way of life for all of you.

          Those who left this earth through the battles of war will be coming back to become a golden part of the new life on earth. And you will know them. You will recognize them by their aura, for you will know about those things and how to be a lightened being, for you will be. It will seem as a twinkling of an eye when this comes to be, so when the going seems too rough now, just look to the heavens and give a thankful thought to what is to be in a flash.

          My dear ones, this is a point on your world when there is nothing to do but be who you are, and be that the best you know how. You are up to the task, and you have been given clues as to how to go through the next few times with an ease that can speed up the process. Sit still for a moment and feel the power build. Feel the joy of release of the old paradigm and the eruption of the new golden expression of who you are. Feel the love emanate and encompass all that is. Feel the power that this love brings in the matters that you deal with every moment. Is it not grand? Is it not glorious?

          You are the ones who brought this world to a point of ascension that will accompany you to the epitome of all that has been before and will be forevermore. This is the time when you will lay down the arms and embrace the plow that sows the seeds of love, joy and peace forever more. You are the farmers and the harvesters and you are also the consumers and bearers of the richness of the earth and heaven. See this time as your banner to the eternal now written in the trilogy of the heavenly Host and the annals of forevermore.

          We are standing by, and we are playing the parts that you have agreed that we are to play. We do not assert ourselves into your creation without your joyful agreement, and that agreement you have given us. We come and we do what it is that you have asked, and we join with you in the promises that you make to yourselves, for this is your show, and we are the willing and enthusiastic performers that sit on the sidelines and wait for our cues to lend our hand whenever the times call.

We see the whole picture and we advise. In your dreamtime you see the whole picture and you advise. What an unbeatable combination we are! We shall take it to the limit and then go beyond, breaking all the barriers and creating unlimited abundance of All There Is.

          I leave this transmission now with the love and honor with which I come to you every moment. Blessings are here and they are showering down upon you all.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate