Wakeup Call Message
August 31, 2004


 St Germain


          My dear ones, this is a day in which you can find the assurance that will suspend all activity of doubt and disconsolation, if you choose. This is a day that can bring the release of freedom in your hearts and a bounce to your step. It is a day in which you can see the beginning of all of your dreams coming true. You will find that as you go out into this day there will be minor and major miracles lining up to bid you good day and good rest of your life.

          Good morning, my dear ones, I am St Germain and I come to you this day to bid you a new way of looking at life, one that will gain you entrance into the world of untold riches and a freedom that till now you have only perceived to be something you once had and may regain again at some distant time in the future.

          I say to you right now that you can find the freedom and prosperity right this moment. I say that all you need do is begin by taking a look at what it is that is in your world right now, and being thankful for it. I am suggesting that you account for what you have and give that accounting a second look.

          What do you find there? Is it more or less than you had a year ago? If less, then maybe you could take another assessment of what you consider to be of value. Sometimes a freedom from “things” is richer that to be surrounded by things that hem you in. Is there a freedom in your life that your supposed richness keeps at bay?

          Now look at the numbers of things that lay idle and of no use. Perhaps they were of some use when they first came into your life, but now they sit in memory of the function they served. Do you really need them; do you really want them anymore? Is it possible that in releasing them from the shelf you put them on, that something else that you consider to be vital to your life at this moment can come in?

          I’m not saying that you cannot have things around you. I am suggesting that when you surround yourselves with things that are stagnant energy then you have set up an energy of stagnation around you, and stagnant energy is a barrier. Take for instance the idea of money. You desire to have lots of money in your account for the various reasons that are vital for the life you live. Some of you even have savings accounts where there are monies reserved for a rainy day. What do you feel will be coming on that rainy day? Will it be a torrent of good cheer that will come in the form of something useful, or will it be a frivolous toy that you have your heart set on? Is there any part of you that thinks or feels that though you want this frivolity that you really shouldn’t have it, so you save your pennies for it, rather than take it out of your daily expenditures?

          How long does it take to save enough for that fun thing? Will you be able to buy it at a time when you still want it, or will the feeling have passed and the desire waned, so that you now not only have this stagnant money, but also a feeling of unfulfilled desire?

          What I am saying here is that there is no end to what you can bring into your life, as long as it is relevant to the moment. When you want something to come to you that you will not be able to use till three months from now, then why not ask yourself if there is something that you can use that money for now that you would have set aside to build for that purchase three months from now. It is not a matter of penny pinching and hoarding that is the issue. It is a matter of stagnant energy.

          Consider this when you plan how you save your money and how you spend it. Keep the energy flowing and then you can have your savings accounts and you can also spend as you receive, it is a matter of keeping the flow going.

          I know that you can find what it is that can keep your flow going. Sometimes all you require is to get the issue into the proper perspective, and then you have the inherent knowing that can guide you to the appropriate path for your own unique circumstances. I am but a bearer of the suggestions that can act as keys to your own particular knowledge and wisdom.

          You are incredibly light beings of purpose and wisdom. You carry with you that ability to see for yourselves the groundwork that you can do in your movement in the prosperity that you already have. It is within you to see what you have created and how to manage and play with this movement. You can regard it as play and see the flow ease into a smooth, joyful way of life.

          Take these words I have offered today, and see how they work for you in your life. I can see already the wheels turning in many of your beautiful minds. All you need do is honor your ability to carry through and see that prosperity manifest in your lives, and then sit back and enjoy the rewards.

          I love and honor you, and I remain ever in your service and ready for a joyride whenever you invite me along.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate