Wakeup Call Message
August 3, 2004

When you go into this day, and the times seem to be troubling, pause for a moment and think about the times that you have just gone through. Those times were the predecessor to this time, and in those times was the blueprint for the times to come.

I am St. Germain, and I wish to tell you of the times that are with us right now. This is a time of plenty and a time of scarcity. There are two realities that you may choose from right now, and the choice you make will determine how all your tomorrows will show themselves to be.

When you awoke this day, there was a cloud around your world. This cloud was to some evident, and to some it was invisible. This represented which world you chose for you present reality. In these times of change and fluctuation there is great promise for the furtherance of the ideals that you build for yourself. Will you bring to your world the clarity of that which you see for your future, or will you progress through the shadows of yesteryear?

I see that so many of you are sitting on the rim of the canyon that represents the times of the morrow. Those times are spilling over with the evidence of your feelings of abundance. They are overflowing with the desires in manifestation for a tomorrow that represent the feelings of prosperity that you assigned for your future.

I also see that lagging behind are the feelings that live in the future of yesteryear. This reality is wrought with the repetition of the scarcity of your former ideas about the way it will always be for you. I see that you are caught in that rolling wheel that goes round and round at a pace set by you, and that can be stopped and changed by you as well.

My dear ones, there is a key to this possible future for you. You can bring the evolving wheel to a different whirling, and change the way it feels and looks. You can do that by bringing a dedication to the abundance that you desire to a present reality by knowing that you already have it. Envision the things that you would see in your reality, and know that it is indeed that way.

Now I would like to let you in on a little secret, that is not a secret, for in reality, there are no secrets anymore. That secret is that I see so many of you who are in the process of changing your revolving wheel, and allowing it to change according to your dreams and promises of wealth and prosperity. I see that many of you awoke this morning with a feeling of lethargy and ungroundedness. That is because you all gave intent and permission to the world of Spirit to bring about a generational change in your genetics, and allowed the bringing forth of a new slate on which to write your new family history, energetically.

This represents that the events wouldn’t necessarily change, but that the response and outcome to these events would be transformed and made in the energy of love, abundance and well-being. This has represented a great field in which to live the rest of your life in that energy, for the old energy of lack and self deception has been transmuted and brought to the opposite end of the spectrum. There is no longer a feeling of that end of the spectrum, for you who gave intent for this have made the journey to the lighter end.

What will this mean in your lives? It will mean that you will find that certain people will drop out of your life, and that certain ideas about your family will change and be lessened in intensity. You will not necessarily find yourself removed from them, just that the charge they formerly had will be gone, and their ability to form patterns in your life will be neutralized. This is all taking place for the purpose of bringing a new beginning to the way you live your life. You will find that your world view will be expanded, and along with the love you feel for your family, you will find an enlargement to include the whole of humanity, as never before. All will be in harmony, and you will find that you love all equally, and in an increased manner.

This is necessary in order for you to carry on your life’s work, the work that you have chosen for this time period. Now you will be able to have access to the intent that you established eons ago that you are now ready to enter into and bring to reality. Yes, this is the time in which you have been immersing yourselves through the eons in preparation for this time. All the plans have been made, and the steps taken to bring your work forward, and live your lives in the vein that has been put in place for this time.

You may find that your lives for a short time may seem to be turned upside down. This is a part of the transitory stage, and soon you will see that it feels as comfortable as an old shoe. From that point you will go on and wear that shoe, and find that it has the properties to propel you forward in a direction that feels so comfortable as to tell you that this is the direction that you have been trying to go all of your life. That is the way of it. It is the time for the unfolding of the plan that will bring this world into the Golden Age of discovery and the unfoldment of the new way of being. Welcome to the new day, for it is one of wonder and one of glee. Take each moment as it comes and move on unquestionably as you are propelled in an easy and fascinating manner. It is your destiny, and you have made the commitment to live this plan. Throughout all of kingdomdon, there is no greater place for you to be right now, than right where you are at this moment. You have delved into the depths of your soul, and found the courage to stand up and be counted. Now for the rest of your time, you will be walking alongside each other in the fullness that is who you are.

When you feel a rushing in, or out, as the case may be, of energies of fright, or confusion, or if voices seem to be wanting to scream and never stop, then relax into those feelings and bless them for the passage out of your soul that they are making. If you feel the need to allow them passage with the vocalness that springs forth, then by all means, find a place where you can unabashedly allow that. Whatever it takes for you to free yourself from those feelings, is the appropriate avenue for you. Feel the comfort and safety of our presence, for we are here to assist you to that release. Call on us, and we will assist you in any way that you ask.

You are at the threshold of a whole new promise to yourselves, and we are here in the millions to see that you are able to make the transition to the new lightness of being. You will find the process to be a joyful one with our presence, and with the presence of your own strength. You are indeed strong and pure in your intent and purpose. We are behind you in every way, and we honor the stage that you have brought to your door this day.

As we close the door on this conversation through this means, we keep the door that is perpetually open between us, ever wide, and ever unobstructed. It is a grand and glorious future that you have set for yourselves, and we stand in ovation for you, for you are the movers of the energy of troubles and woes, and stagnation,. You are bringing the light you stand in now to the whole of humanity. You ring out in truth and love, and we Salute you.

Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate