Wakeup Call Message
August27, 2004

 St Germain


          My dear ones, I AM St Germain, and I come to you today with some news that you may have been waiting for. It is news that will bring a smile to your lips and a lilt to your step. It is news that will clear up the muddiness that has been engulfing all of mankind for all these eons.

          First I would like to open this subject with a call to arms, a call to arms of love and comfort for the elements of distrust that have stalled the proceedings of NESARA for so long.

          There is a group who is going to bring certain elements of justice to the goings on that are taking place in the capitol of the USA. With these proceedings there will be a coming together of certain parties who will bring this time-honored tradition of trust and freedom to the people.

          There will be a wondrous piece of legislation that will counteract the ones that are in place now, and with this legislation we will find that all the added laws that have cluttered up the Constitution will be cleared away, and the real Constitution will shine forth, unblemished and un-compromised.

          Those who are responsible for this are standing in readiness for this change. They are overseeing the clearing away with the assistance of legal advisors and Constitutional scholars who have made their life’s work the upholdment of the original Constitution.

          My dear ones, this is one more step toward the reinstatement of the country to her sovereignty with and by the people. With this step you will find that there will be charges brought against certain public officials. They will be made to speak for their positions, and they will be held accountable for actions they have taken in the usurpation of their actions.

When this takes place, there will be closed sessions for a time to assure that there is no interference, and then the hearings will likely be held publicly. This will bring the issues that have been building to a height where there can be no turning back. Peace, freedom, and justice will prevail, and the people of the USA and the world will be able to begin the rebuilding process in earnest.

          I say to you my dear ones, that this may take some time in earth time, for the process according to the constraints of earth legal time can involve a stretch of time that to some may be lengthy. This will assure that all is according to the process of law, and that all points covered are in order and in place for the free society that has been upheld in the dreams and visions of all of you.

You are still living in a society that requires the establishment and upholding of the laws that are set up by the people. As society becomes more aware of who they are, then the laws will become those brought through the natural Laws of the Universe, and will be upheld according to the individual sovereignty of their innate nature.

          We stand by with our Assistance and our involvement to the degree that your free will permits. We are your advisors and we bring in the expert assistance, that falls under the law of free will permission, that involves the energetic re-patterning of certain instances of abuse brought on by the compromise that has been taken by certain parties of the dark agenda.

My friends. I stand in my power as your brother and your friend, and I promise you that there will be a time when all of this will be a learning ground for what is in your lives. You will be looking back and seeing how all this came about, and you will see how it is all turned around through the power of Spirit and the resolve to follow your truth. This is the time when the power of love and compassion will prove itself to be the fulfillment of all that has been decreed.

I leave this transmission now, and I tell you that there is a time when all will be as you see it to be, and your work in this matter will be brought to fruition. I salute you and honor your endeavors in this and all matters.



Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate