Wakeup Call Message
August25, 2004
 St Germain


          Good morning my friends, I come to you this day with a message of love gone awry and what it took to bring it back into balance. I AM St Germain, and I come to ask you to see me through with this message for at the end is a very clear reason for my bringing it.

          Once there was a boy who lived in the slums of New York City. He lived in squalor, for his parents both had been killed in a back alley by thugs in the darkness of night. Since that happened the boy, whom I will call Andy, gave as much time as he could to just staying alive; the rest of the time he devoted to finding the ones who killed his parents, so that he could take revenge.

          One day he came upon a few people in a crowded elevator who looked like they would know who the local gang members where. He was surprised to see them there, for these people don’t usually go into buildings of this sort, they usually slink around dark alleys and rundown parts of town. This was a swank hotel, and he had come here to make a delivery of flowers for his employer.

          He followed these people into a twelfth floor room, for he had as yet gone unnoticed. He found himself to be in a darkened room, for as soon as they entered all the lights went out, and the slight buzz of voices stilled. He waited unnoticed, and as he did a feeling came over him. What was he to do now; how was he to find out if he had acted foolishly and gone in a direction that might be his unfailing?

          After a few moments there came a voice from the front of the room. Though he could not see the face, he recognized the form of a man of tremendous size. This man gave his seat to the one standing next to him, and then he saw the several people he had followed take their places alongside the other two.

          Suddenly there was a loud bang and smoke filled the room. The resultant confusion gave the several ones a chance to move out of the room and into the adjoining one. Andy followed them into that room, and he heard one of them say, “I am going to tell you all the truth, but first we must go through this door and we will find the one who blew up the table that held the evidence.”

          They all gathered in front of the door, and one tried to open it, to no avail. He then took a pistol out of his pocket and blew a hole in the door by the handle releasing the catch. As the door swung open it came to rest against something that rested inside. Andy could not see what, for the people were all standing in front of the opened door.

          He then moved closer to them, not wanting to call attention to himself, but needing to see what was inside the other room. As he drew near, he saw a bundle just inside the dark room. He knew not what was in the bundle, for it was obscured from good sight. He moved closer, and then one of the people saw him, and turned.

          Andy gasped, for the face he saw clearly and without a trace of malice was the face of his mother. She was smiling, but she wasn’t recognizing him, for she was sightless. She lifted her hand and put it on his face, as if to see him from her touch. Her hand fell from his face, and she knew from that touch that she had found him at last. She had been searching for him, and she thought that she would never find him; still she searched.

          A new touch came upon his face now, and he turned to his left and saw the face of his father. The face was scared and pitted from abuse, but he recognized the eyes that stared at him with so much love. These eyes saw his face, yet the touch was needed in order to believe that the boy he had missed so dearly was indeed there in front of him.

          Andy could not believe his eyes. How could it be that these people standing in front of him could be his parents, whom he thought to be gone from him forever? He took their hands and cried like the baby they had brought into this world.

          When he had stopped crying and they all sat on the floor cradled in each other’s arms, the others who had remained aloof came to them and began to speak in unison. “We are the purveyors of the truth, and we have come to show you that nothing is ever lost to you accept the truth if you do not see it. There was reason for you to have experienced this time, and that reason is upon you. If you do not see this then there is still time for you to know the truth and to release yourselves from this bondage that you have imposed upon yourselves.”

“We gave you this chance to give in to the vagaries of grief, and then to find the truth of what really happened. You have exhibited the ultimate of what came to you, and now you have the opportunity to go one step further and see that this has all been a dream, and upon awakening you will find that there are no enemies in this world, except the ones that you create in your thoughts. Since your thoughts are yours that means that the enemies that you perceive are you as well. Do you not see that this is a way to freedom for you? Do you see that there is only one truth, and that is the one that comes from love and compassion?”

          Andy stood and embraced the speakers one by one, he turned to once again embrace his parents, but they were no longer there. He turned and furiously tried to find them. He raced to all corners of the room, in the darkness, stumbling against objects that were not there. He found no solace in the others who stood in silence, but he found anger rising in him. Is this the hell I’ve heard of from so many circles? He asked himself. Is this the way it happens when you have malice in your heart and cannot see the love that lives there?

          Andy collapsed on the floor and found himself in a heap of clothes that settled around him as a blanket. Whose clothes are these? He recognized the jacket that just moments ago had caressed his cheek; his mother’s jacket, and his father’s trousers. But where were they, why had they been taken from him again. Why this cruelty?

          Suddenly Andy awoke from this nightmare. He stumbled from his bed and ran to the window. Did he really see the shadows dance away from his room as he awoke and realized he was in his own bed? He sat heavily against the wall of the small room, and waited till his head cleared. Then he heard the whispers that took him to the place of love he had waited for so long. He heard these words and he cried and he released all the pain that he had experienced for so long.

He heard, “You my son are the shadow of what it is to forget that there is love in this world. We brought you to this place in order for you to find the love that has been so illusive to you. There is nothing in this world that can hold a candle to the love that brought you hear, for it is the best love that there can be. The love that holds you to the pain that gives you the comfort of the familiar is the love that releases as well, the pain of the unabridged love that cancels out all the pain that keeps you captive.

Find the love that lays at the heart of who you are, and you will then release the pain that keeps you in this sorrow. Find that love and you will see the world change before your eyes. There is no such thing as a pain that is real, for when it stands up against love it falls and transmutes into a love so sweet and so strong that nothing can ever put it down again.

You are that love, my dear one, and as soon as you let go of the idea that we are gone from you, then you will have us back. We will always be with you, and in that truth is the release that comes on golden wings and sets you free. There is no other truth than that to love is to set the pain of the world free.

You have that power, and now we are releasing you to come to that truth and therefore come back to the truth of who we are. We are more than the ones who gave you life in this world. We are the ones who are the representation of the Ones who gave you life, and never take it back. We are love, and therefore we are you and all else. There is no pain in this world when you find us, and keep us forever in your heart.”

          Now my dear ones, apply this message to your life, and find that Andy lives in every corner of this world and every heart in the ones who make up the people of this world. You are all one heart and one soul. We come together in pain and wipe the slate clean with the love that We Are.

May your days be filled with the love that heals and the truth that shall be revealed with the coming of the Light that illuminates every room and every corner of the world.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate