Wakeup Call Message
August24, 2004
 St Germain


          My dear ones, there is every possibility that within a few days you will see a completely new star in the sky, and that star will traverse the heavens in a path that will enjoin the many that are already there in a pattern that will represent the freedom of the ones who are living on earth at this time.

          I AM St Germain, and I wish to invite you once again to watch the night sky, for there is a patterning taking place that to many who know how to read it will tell a story that they can spread far and wide. This story is one that tells of the coming times of governance by the people and for the people, and how that kind of governance will spread throughout the world in the individual expressions borne from the various customs of the peoples around the world.

          Each group of indigenous peoples will bring into being the representation of their own unique blend of culture to perfectly suit their individualism, and yet blend with the rest of the ethnicities as well. There is an honoring of the various forms of expression that make up the whole of the societal customs on earth. This has been one of the points of life on earth, and it is not to be quelled in the freeing of the people of earth.

          The diversity of the ones who came to earth to bring this great plan into fruition is to be honored and expressed in a way that is Divinely inspired. This is but the tip of the iceberg that has been expressed in the beauty of the cultures on earth. The various creeds and customs that have been carried forth to bring love and beauty to the earth and her people will be multiplied in an unlimited manner. You will all see the wonders that will come forth just from the abilities that are inherent within each and every one of you.

          You will be allowing the cultural energies from each of the planets of origin to spring and flow forth to express in a manner that has only been hinted at before. Your ethnic practices and various ways of worship of the ancient ones have given you a touch of the heart of the beauty that will come forth.

          With this new beauty of expression will spring a life of depth of being that you will create from your ancient memory and from the reflection of the beauty that has been built since being on earth, and also from the seeds that have been sown throughout your experience on this planet.

          Another aspect of this new world is that you will be looking to the heavens and seeing a whole new sky. Now is the time of transition, and in order to keep the sky’s attention in a reasonable space, we have come and replicated the familiar sky with our ships. When you are positioned in your new place in the galaxy then you will peer at the night sky and some of you will gasp and know within your deepest of hearts that you are home. This is this sky that you left when you decided to step forth from Sirius and take part in the greatest show of all. You will have a coming home that you have known for all of time that you would experience one day.

          For those of you who came from other systems to do your part in the great plan, you too will gasp and say, this is the sky that has been purported to be the new home, the place that has been promised will be the first sky we would see once we are fully awake. Earth is the place where we earned our graduation, and this is the place where we step up to the podium and accept our diploma from the celestial body of governing. We too will have come home, and the coming is oh so sweet.

          From there you will all be given the summer break and the reunions will be vast and joyous. You will all be given the opportunity to return to your places of origin, and to reunite with the family that you left those times ago. Then there will be the rest of your experience to go forth in the promise that you make to yourselves. Do you stay where you are, do you go to another mission in the universe, or do you stay on earth and follow your dreams as you laid them down while you were here?

          It is all for you, my friends. It is all of your making, for you have earned your stripes and they are multicolored and they shine throughout the cosmos. Some of those lights that you will see in the night skies from this point on are yours. Yes, they are yours for you have brought them to fruition and you have placed them in a position of honor and remembrance. They mark your place in the heavens, and they shine their light for you to recognize and keep your bearings.

          The ship that I told you of in the heavens that traverses the skies and patterns itself with every other system is the wayshower and the placesetter, employed by all of you and created from your collective intent. It speaks for all of you individually and collectively, for it is yours. When you find it in the night skies, know that it is the one of your making, and realize that someone else may see another light ship altogether. It is all the same, for its purpose is all the same, in the diversity in which it was created. It is a reflection of all of you on earth, and in that it is sweet and Divine, and Holy, as are all of you.

          Peace be with you for always! I shall return and share more with you; till then Sweetness is you, and you are mighty angels.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate