Wakeup Call Message
August 19, 2004

 St Germain


          America’s good graces are in your hands my dear ones, and until this is finally realized and lived there is an inch of space between the complete freedom and the loving release of tyranny that is to be the reality for all of you who live in the grand country of The United States of America, and in the world.

          I AM St Germain, and I tell you this because for so long the people of the USA have been seeing a different country from what has been in actuality behind the scenes. They have been seeing the image that has been presented from their ideal of what a free life would be. They have been given the ideal in the media and in the ways of governance that is presented to the people. This has been the auto-generated reality that has come from the illusionary world that has been created.

          This, my dear ones is the image by which you can all build the future that is at your doorstep. You can take the best of what you have been shown, and expand on it to represent what you consider to be the reality you live in and take the darkness out of that reality. You can find the truth of freedom and love within the country you so love, and see that the blemishes are gone and a wonderful new glow is shining forth from the remaining image.

          This, my dear ones is what you can do. First you must see what is before your eyes, and see the truth behind the images that have been proffered to you. First you will be shown the real images that have been suppressed and hidden from you, for in order to be the truth of the life you intend for yourself, first the hidden truths must come out and be seen and dealt with.

          There is no use in whitewashing a fence unless the rotten wood underneath has been spotted and replace with new solid wood of finest quality. There is no use in bringing to the image a blessing of kindness and love unless the compassion comes along with it and blesses what is being seen underneath the exterior. It is a far better world that you will create for yourself; first you must know what you’re dealing with, and what has become of the situation behind closed doors.

          My dear ones, the way to do this is to look at the news and see its shortcomings. Look at the occurrences that take place around you and match them up with the news that is projected. Do they match; do they represent each other? Or do they seem off balance? I AM here to tell you that this has been a great game of deception that has very cleverly been laid out. This is not some fly by night occurrence that has been created in a whim. It has been brought about methodically, persistently, diligently over the eons.

          This has been the plan right from the start, my dear ones, and now is the time for the final curtain and for the truth to be revealed. It is time for the announcement of the cast of characters, and for the critiquing of the performance. Has it been an entertaining play? Have the players all given a believable performance? Is the audience sitting in shock at the crucial time of plot thickening?

          You may be asking yourselves, “What do I do now to make a difference? How can I take what I see and what I know and feel to be true, and go out there and make the changes?” My dear ones, all you need do is make your world the very best you can now, in this moment. Open your eyes and see the truth. Share that truth with your neighbor if he has eyes to see, if she has ears to hear.

This is the way the changes are made. Step out in your truth and see that your life represents that truth. Then watch the news, listen to the reports that come to you from the various sources that are broadcasting their versions of the news. Listen to the conversation that you come across by chance, and know that you were meant to hear what you’ve just heard. See the millions of words that speak of occurrences that differ from the words that are spoken over the major news sources, and then listen again as those major sources begin to change in tone and more closely represent what you are seeing and hearing among the people and the life around you.

You are the truth; you are the impetus that will bring the reality of love and freedom to your world. This is a great amphitheater for change, and as the echoes resound around the world, you will be a part of the symphony. You will be the musician and the audience as well, for no longer will the participants be separate from the watchers. It is all coming to unity, and the performance will come to match with the energies of love that have born all of the trials and tribulations that have brought us all to this point. Love is the only thing there is, and when you see love in action in the purest sense of the word, then you know that there is a bit of heaven in everything that takes place, everything that is and ever will be.

My dear ones, take this message to your heart, and see that there is truth in everything that you see and experience. Know that the road leads to the same place; know that all roads converge at the same point, and that point is the unity and Grace that is there for you to accept. You are the bringers of the dawn, and in that new day, you will bring forth the intermixed beauty of all the light on this planet and beyond. You are stars and you are angels and you walk this earth in purpose that is about to manifest itself in the glory that is the best of God’s works. Shine forth and be the Holy ones that you are, for it is grand.


  Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate