Wakeup Call Message
August 16, 2004

 St Germain 


          My dear ones, there is something I would like to share with you this day, and it is that there is nothing you cannot do to find the best way to live this life, and to go about doing that in a manner that sends you into heaven and beyond.

          Good morning, my friends, I AM St Germain, and I come to you this morning to tell you that there is a coup taking place right now that is going to serve to welcome some of the Galactic Federation into certain parts of the governmental structures of this planet, and all those who have opened this door are being given protection of the highest kind.

          This has come about because of the huge numbers of you who are aware of the fact that you can create your world the way you intend, and that is giving great strength to the ability that is afforded movements of this sort.

          When you awaken this morning and find yourself in a world that on the one hand seems to be in a war state on many fronts, you can then look around you in your home, your community, your own presence and see that there is a peacefulness that is showing itself, where not too long ago, you may have seen unrest.

          This is because you are on your own for a few days, and in that you are experiencing your supremacy and your own ability to manifest that which you desire. You are able to bring that peacefulness to your world because you are exercising that which is in your heart.

          My dear ones, as we gaze upon the workings that you do as these days go by that some have called the three days of darkness, we see that there is an abundance of love being spread over the land. We see that this love is being carried on the wings of all of you, and it is a sight indeed.

          Perhaps some of you had thought that you would not hear from us; how is this one receiving these words? It is through her ability to tap into our thoughts, it is because there is an ongoing communication that is taking place, and this is true of all beings. You all have this ability to tap into our thoughts, as we do yours. This cannot be withdrawn, for it is a constant, and it is what keeps your realities going. It is the intelligence of life, and cannot be withdrawn.

          When we decreed these days of withdrawal it was with the ordination of the Creator Source. This is taking place as a tune in to your own abilities so that you may have this check in to see how far you have come. This has been done at other times in your history, and this time we could see that it would be a different matter. We saw that while in the past those times were experienced as a real hardship, and truly was a time of darkness, this time it is different.

          You are experiencing a Lightened time, and you are the ones who have turned on the Light. You are coming home, and you will not be leaving the planet to do that. You are beautiful beings of Light, and when this period of a few days is past, then you will be able to see and feel the fullness of what this represents.

          It is true that there will be some who have chosen to let this time drift by them and not show itself to be of their awakening time. Love those ones, and see that they too are exercising their free will. They are taking their choice into their being, and are experiencing their ability to manifest that which they choose. They will not be left behind, ultimately, and with that word I am sure you see their Light as well.

          I leave this transmission with the words of a wise man who lives in the Philippines. He said, “The only thing that covers up the sun is the one who closes his eyes to it.” I see so many open eyes and hearts that it is incredible in its beauty. The love that shines forth is a grand sight to behold, and we are all blessed with the spectacle. Grace is upon you, and you are Holy.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate