Wakeup Call Message
August 06, 2004

 Essence of Oneness


          My dear ones, I am coming to you today from the confines of your soul. I am coming to you in order to bring to you your understanding of the way that you feel when there is a cloud over your horizon, and in your heart. I will bring a light to this feeling, and I will bring you the absolute truth of what it takes to find a way to abate that cloud and allow the sunshine to once again find itís way into your day and into your every waking moment.

          I AM the essence of Oneness that is comprised of all of you and all of existence. I represent myself as the completeness that is. This is a far more wonderful existence that you have created for yourselves than what you had even a century ago, for you have found the pathway to the openness of your soul, and you have told yourselves that you are going forward forever and not looking back.

          When you awoke this day, you found a cloud that dimmed the very image of your world. This cloud told you that what you gazed upon was a reality that was going to follow you through time. You told yourself that this was the world as you found it, and that there is no other world that contains the truth of what you saw.

          Now I shall shed some light on this idea that you carry, for with this idea, you can shed your own light on the idea of living in the fullness that represents what you would ideally live for the rest of your time.

          First I would suggest that you follow the ribbon of light that you see when you close your eyes. Follow this ribbon, and see where it takes you in your own mind. Does it take you to the exposure of the secrets that live in your heart, or does it take you to anotherís idea of what your life would look like?

          How can you tell the difference of what this would look like? Does it resonate in truth and make you feel good? Does it shine like a fine gemstone and give off a radiance that speaks of joy and love? Is it an image that knows no sorrow, and no fear? Does it sing to your heart and wander in a path that is easy and comforting?

          As you wander through this journey following the ribbon of light, ask yourself how you would change what you are seeing. Would the images change to fit what you see as being a different way from what you live now? Would you enhance what you have now, or would you completely change the image?

          You can do that, you know; this is your life, and as soon as you have identified the true path that you are intending for your life, then you can go ahead and create that image if it does not suit your ideal.

          Youíve heard that before? Iím sure you have, and you want to be told how to do this. My dear ones, I am here to tell you that you are doing it now, right this moment. You see; there is an energy that is created when you have a thought. When you couple that thought with an emotion, then you create a substance. When you carry that thought forward in feelings and in knowing that it is as it is, then that substance takes on more of itself. It structures itself in the image that is projected from itself. It perpetuates itself in the constancy of the image. There is no more a doubt as to what is expected from the ideal, the intent, and it is being formed into a structure of crystalline energy that will from there form into an image of physicalness.

          When that takes place, then the works for having it come into your awareness begins. This enacts the movement of the image. It enacts the tuning in to the presentation of the image. This is turn sets up a series of images of thought and presentation that are delivered to you through the communication grid. This then sends you messages of how to find the image in physicalness. You may find this represented in a thought to call someone and invite them to go out and eat in a restaurant somewhere. As you go by a certain place that is on the way to the restaurant, you may look and see what it is that you had the idea about. Or you may see something that draws you in and speaks to you for another reason.

          Then this encounter could lead you to another, and then another. Soon you are standing in a situation that can lead you directly to the manifested image that you started this whole chain of events with. How this all works is through the communication grid, and when you tune in, and honor those feelings and urges, then you will be able to realize the manifestation of the ideas that you set in motion.

          Oft times, these ideas are stopped in their tracks by the use of the energy which is called doubt. This is the number one arrester of these ideas. When you see that there is no chance for your dreams to come true, then you bring that into reality. When you constantly change your ideas of doubt to ideas that it is already a fact that you have your dreams, then you have added some more cement to the form. It is imperative that you instantly transmute the ideas of doubt to ideas of ownership of the dreams.

          We here, who are the entirety of Me, are in ownership of all that is. We collect ourselves into a mass with the ideas that we are. We shift, and we change, and we allow that which we are to be. We show ourselves our weaknesses and we show ourselves our strengths. We are what we think we are, and we arenít what we doubt, except n the representation of that doubt.

          When you awake tomorrow morning and see a cloud, decide to color that cloud to your liking. Or decide to color that cloud gone. It is up to you, and it is what you make of it. During your dreamtime you have created the cloud, as an opportunity for you to come to terms with what it is that you choose do teach yourself this day. In teaching, you are the student and the teacher, and the role of the teacher is to dig deep and find the truth that you already know. Perhaps you could call yourself rather than a teacher, an awakener, for that is indeed what you do when you ďlearnĒ something. You awaken to what you have forgotten.

          Realize, that what it is that you desire and intend for your life, what it is that you have an idea about, is what you have already gotten, what you already are. You have just decided, chosen to bring it to your present reality. When you use a timetable that is of your choosing, you come from either an idea that represents the personality, or from the innermost knowing of when you already have achieved it.

If you have a feeling that you will have it in a couple months, and if that idea is there and cannot be dissuaded, then trust that it is the way it already is. If you feel that it is just around the corner and you feel frustrated when it isnít, then that is because your personality is choosing. Patience is the key to being able to ďwait outĒ the inevitable, patience, joy and gratitude. This is the key to being able to manifest that which you in your innermost being knows is the timetable for delivery.

          On the other hand, there is the element of doubt that can be important in the timetable of delivery. Doubt can push away from you what you have already manifested in a certain timetable. To prevent that from happening, you can transmute that doubt to joy and gratitude that you are on time and on track.

          My dear ones, there is much that you are awakening to, and when these things, these ideas come round, you will recognize them as being familiar and right for you at the precise time that they are in your present reality.

We stand in recognition that you are the creators of your reality, through the Godness that is inherent within each and every one of you. Come to terms with who you are, and thank yourselves and all of Creation for this wonderful time in which all of your dreams will come true.

          The sky is the limit, and you create even the sky, which is ever expanding through your visions of unlimitedness. Keep it going and you will know no bounds. We love all that is and we speak as you, for we are you. Welcome to yourselves and to the wholeness of all that is.


Thank you dear Essence of the Oneness,

Love, Nancy Tate