Wakeup Call Message
August 13, 2004

 Hi everyone; I was on the road yesterday, so here is the Wake up Call for yesterday, today, and tomorrow if you don’t read this till then.






          I bring you a message today of unrequited love, and a sense of knowing who you are. There is a path that the two can follow along very carefully, and when this happens, one justifies the other. This can be a situation between two people of the opposite attraction, or between a whole nation, or the world.

          I AM Baldor, and I speak with you today of this subject, for I have come to see how these can be integral to each other, and have a significant influence on the state of the world. There is really no separation between them, or any other subject, for they all are tied to one another as surely as I am a part of all of you.

          When this one came into this world she did so with a love that surpassed any she has felt thus far from that point till now. She, as do all of you, came into this world with a purity of heart and a whispering of God’s love for all of creation. This was a love so clear, so profound as to be full of the life essence that makes all that is stand up and be counted. This lasted for a full whole moment, and then was clouded with the reality of embodiment. This started the cycle of life in this lifetime, and thus it was for all the lifetimes on this planet.

          We all know the rest of the story for each of us. We have lived that cloudiness that covers our inherent beingness, and we have made the most of it for the purpose in which we came. We are going through our days in the way that we ordained when we came forth for this journey.

          Now we are at a crossroads. Do we continue, is the question many of you ask, or do we decide to experience that purity of the moment of truth that we all carry within our memory banks? Either way, we will find that purity, for we are in the direction that takes us to the purity. We are on the way to dissipating that cloudiness and rendering it open and clear and part of our “always” reality.

          The unrequited love is the love that we give to ourselves. We know we are human, and that we go about our days loving those with whom we share this world. We know that we are loved by many. What we don’t realize is that our love for ourselves is unrequited, for it is not complete, or we would have that dissipation of the cloud.

          How do we change that unrequitedness to the fullest expression of that self love? That will come, my dear ones, for we have asked for that Grace, and we are traveling the road to that very truth. We all are on our own journey, and we walk at the pace that we set for ourselves. It is not a journey of temptation and greed, for those are but representations of a stoppage of the love we hold for ourselves. That is the wonder of love, it knows no bounds; only love can bring the clarity of dissipating the cloud.

          This is the circle, my friends, and when you have traveled the circle, then you know what this is in its truest sense. You know that in order to receive love, you must give it. You know that there is nothing in this world that surpasses that which is given freely and comes back around, in an instant. Love is the fuel by which you can bring the result of that love to your reality. It is always with you, for it is a part of you, it is indeed you.

          Perhaps you are wondering why I bring this to your attention; this is kindergarten stuff for many. I do so, for to read again, and to take into your heart for yet another time the fullness of this truth is to know thyself more fully, and to reach another level of knowingness that can take you over the edge to the completeness.

          In my experience as Baldor, I have brought to this one a decided amount of inspiration in my expressions in her future. I have come to see how I got to the place I did in the world, and how I happened to find myself as a resident of a planet called Orloff. This is a possible place where this one, and all of you have experienced. Orloff is your home planet in one of the probable futures of your experience.

          You don’t have to choose this future. You can mold and create another, more to your liking, and with your intent choose that other. You do not have to find yourself in a reality that does not support the staying power of love and the infinite expression of that love. You can choose a future that brings to you the infinity of love in expression, and help to create that new paradigm that has been ordained by the Creator.

          With this knowledge intact, and the intent and desire to bring your life to a grand and glorious expression of the Creator, you are creating that new paradigm. St Germain told this one and a few others on their recent camping trip that this is what is coming for you. It is a whole new age of love and the purity of that love that is in store for you to play in. This one will be bringing that message forward to you in the days to come, and when you read the words, then you may very well say, “AHHHHHHHHH!! I know this to be true, for I have felt that coming and I AM ready.”

          I leave this transmission now, for it is time for the joining of friends around the breakfast table. There is love to share, and there is no room for that unrequited love that knocks on the door of our lives. When you open that door welcome in the love that leaves its loneliness on the doorstep to be rendered complete with the Oneness of all there is by the Sun of the eternal love. Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate