Wakeup Call Message
August 26, 2004




          There is a day coming soon when all of you will be dancing and singing to the tune of wealth and prosperity and all of your dreams will come true in the finest sense of the word.

          Good morning, my dear ones, I am Avenda, and I come this morning with a joyful promise that all of your troubles are melting away like so much candle wax dissolving away on the wake of the light that shines forth from its brilliant flame.

          Do you know how this is going to come about? It will come into being through the Grace that is your very essence. Yes, you have that ability to bring about the prosperity you desire and intend for your life, and as soon as you are aware of that on a cellular level, then it shall be.

          My dear ones so many of you have declared when you’ve heard these words before, “Sure, it is easy for you to say that, but how do I accomplish that? It is such an airy-fairy thought that I cannot get my eyeteeth around it and have it make sense to me…make it real for me. How do I do that?”

My dear ones, lets have some plain language here. Let us talk about possibilities in this world. How often have you decided to do something, or get something that you knew was in the realm of possibility? And then how long did it take before it was in your life, it was accomplished?

Most of you are remembering something and nodding your head in agreement that it was there right away, or when you expected it to be. How do you think that happened? Let’s make an example; there is a pie that you want to make for company for supper. You make sure you have the ingredients, and if they aren’t already in your kitchen, then you go to the store to get them.

You decide when you have to prepare the pie, and the method by which you do that. You know how to turn on the oven and to roll out the dough. You know how to mix the ingredients and to pour the fillings into the crust. You know which dish to use, and what temperature to set the oven. You know how long to cook the pie, and what to do to remove it from the oven without burning your hands with the hot pie plate. You know if you have to let it cool completely before you serve it, or if it is better eaten warm.

          You knew so many things about making the pie, yet when you decided to make it, you didn’t then think of all those things that I have just outlined, and I could have been even more detailed about it. What you did is decide that you would make it; then you started the creation. You entered into the process with the enjoyment of doing it, and thought of the wonderful taste of it. You thought of the warm loving people you would share the pie with. You anticipated the tempting aromas that would fill the house as it was cooking. And you looked forward to the sweet, delicious sensation as you tasted the first morsel, which is always the best.

          Are you getting the picture here? Do you begin to get the idea that the coming of the dream is in the love behind it, the appreciation? You knew that the pie would be shared, experienced at a certain time, and then you started appreciating and loving the process of creation and anticipation. You never once thought to yourself that this could not be, that you would fail, for this was something that you knew you could do, for many times before you had manifested a pie, or something else that you knew you could.

          My dear ones, this is not a matter of degrees and sizes of the end result. Spirit knows no bounds and no differences in size or capacity. All is the same when it comes to manifestation. It is a simple formula really: idea+desire+intent+knowing+appreciation+love=manifestation. It is that simple.

          I hear some of you; you think that it cannot be that simple, that you’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work. My dear ones, that is because you thought it was too much; you thought that it would take longer to get the big things than the everyday, smaller things. You thought that it wasn’t something you deserved.

          This is the time when all of that old programming is being diffused and replaced with the knowing that is inherent to your ability to manifest in an instant. You have been able to do that consciously before you came into the amnesia. Now it is a matter of allowing that amnesia to melt away and seeing the knowing speak forth it’s language of inherent examples of natural prosperity and wealth, which means that it is your birthright to live as you direct yourself to live, in every way.

          Now my dear ones that I have given you this recipe for success in the manifestation of anything in your life, I suggest that you begin the process of reprogramming your mind to tell you constantly, through the way you live, to know that success is yours in every way.

Every time you have a thought of lack, replace that thought with one of abundance, abundance that represents the love that lives within your heart for yourself and all of mankind. Through that very powerful thought process, you will find an increase of manifestation in your life, and soon you will find the thoughts of lack will lessen till there are only thoughts of abundance, and your life will be testimony to those thoughts. You will then be that abundance that is inherently you.

My dear ones, I love you all so much, and I AM overflowing with joy to see how you are manifesting all the beautiful abundance in your life. I know that you are making your dreams come true, and you are feeling the difference it makes in your life. There is no greater way to find that abundance represented in your life than to feel the pleasure and joy that comes from knowing what it is that your dreams are made of, and feeling yourself in the manifestation of them.

Go in joy and feel the love spring forth and show you what your dreams are made of, for it is your doing and when you call it forth, we all spring forth to play with you in the manifestation of the dream come true. We are honored to play with you in this, and we laugh and sing and rejoice along with you as you ride the waves of the manifest destiny in your lives.


Thank you dear Avenda/myself,

Love, Nancy Tate