Wakeup Call Message
August 20, 2004



          When we go into the depths of what we feel in the moment, we go into a world of magic. It is a world of magic because there is nothing that cannot be accomplished within those feelings of the moment. I AM Avenda, and I come to you this morning for a bit of sharing.

          It is a time for the utmost attention to what we feel. It is a time for the focus on what we want and intend for our lives and what we are determined to release from our life. Let us look for a minute at the word determination. This is word that denotes a pushing forward, sometimes in a feeling of scarcity of that which we are determined to have. There is a tightening of the body, or the mind.

          This is when we will do well to relax that determination, and find the release of the idea or feeling of lack. We are in the release giving homage to the knowledge that we lack nothing.

          When you walk into a dream and see yourself in action in some play that seems strange, or silly, what do you do? Do you count yourself as giving a clue to use in your waking, or do you dismiss it as so much fluff? Your dreams are but thoughts and ideas that present them to you in actuality and in code for your scintillation and enjoyment. They are the means by which your higher self talks to you with a strength and lightness that reflects your wisdom and intelligence, your ability to see forward and know what is in your best interest for the times immediately ahead.

          Go my loved ones, my brothers and my sisters, and live the dream life that brings manifestation. Honor the messages from your dreamtime, and bring them into your waking. It is a time for dissolving the barriers between the dreamtime and the reality of the waking, for all is the same; it is just that one reflects the other.

You have seen the mirrors that reflect back to you a distorted image. This is due to the reflective rays as they co-mingle with the prisms of the mirror. You are all colors of frequencies as they imagine themselves in you, and reflect back the idea you have of yourself, and that society has of you. You have the ability to clear up the image and make it as you see yourself to be.

When you go about believing in what you feel and recognizing that this is the real you, not that blurred and distorted image, then you have been honoring what your feelings tell you, you know that your feelings are the language of the love and wisdom of your soul.

I tell you now that this is what is taking place all over the world. There is a new reflection being cast back to everyone. This new image is one that is more finely tuned to the real you, the one who lives in Spirit and represents the you that is intelligently enmeshed with the All.

You can take this new perception of you and go with authority into your life, and see the difference it makes. You can create a life that you weren’t even aware that you wanted. You just had to start to open up to the real message of those feelings and allow them to manifest greatness in your life. The time is now and the place is here, right where you sit in this moment. There is no more ripe time and place.

My dear friends, I am coming to you this morning from a newly awakened sense of who I am, and why I am here. Feelings that I once used to keep me in the dark are now being seen as feelings to take me along a road that sees all and knows more than I ever thought I could. I am opening up to the differences I once perceived I had with those who gave life a chance I didn’t have. I have now seen that in this life there is only one person and that is us, and that is beauty, and we are all expressions of the one in our own individuality.

We go through this life with the ideas and feelings that give us purpose and give us stamina. We love and we lose that love, or so we think we do. That idea is only because we think that love is outside of us. Then we learn more and remember more about who we are, and how we fit into this grand scheme. That tells us that we can never lose love, for we are love, as is everyone and everything.

I will never think that I have lost love again, nor have I lost anything, including darkness, for I never had it, it had me. Now it too is released, and the light is shining to light my way, as it is for you always. Just open your eyes and see the reflection of your love shining back to you. If you feel the darkness coming back, then just love it and see it wash over you in a feeling of release, as I shall.

I go now into my day of days, for each is a jewel, and your love is a part of what makes it so grand. We are all one, and it is a wondrous prism of light and color that sends us the feelings that say, “You are the best there is, and all is love. Thank you all for being who you are.”


Thank you dear Avenda, for being me.

Love, Nancy Tate