April 24, 2009                  Click Here por Espanol




My dear ones, we are in times that seem troubling to many. These times have been prophesied for time immemorial as the times that bring a new energy of love and light to the planet. As we ride through these times we do so with a forbearance that is not only strong and pure, it is as well ringing through our beings in a way that is reverberating throughout all of existence.


We have come to this place in our lives when we had sprung the door of chance and called it purpose. We have built upon our destiny a new facet that shines forth into the glory of the potential that speaks within all of us. As we listen and move forward in that movement that creates change we see how powerfully we overcome obstacles that have been in place for eons of time.


While there is nothing that cannot be bypassed or cleared away, there is also that which begs for looking at the truth of that which has been in place steering us through the upheavals that sometimes plague our lives. These times have been, for many, trying and intermittent with sorrow and laughter. When this takes place in our lives it is a sure sign that we are in the throes of transformation.


Look at these times with a great degree of joy and gratitude, for this means that we are digging deeper and clearing out more of our old emotions and patterning than we could have even last year. Since the new waves of energy have been sweeping over the planet we are answering the call that our Spirit sings to us, and walking forth in the deep knowledge that we are safe and warm in The Creator’s arms.


Do you feel that hug when the tears subside? Have you grown accustomed to the warmth that washes over you whenever you call for a blessing? This is what takes place when we exercise our sublime right for comfort and the benefit of wisdom from the lightbeings who are forever at our side. We stand with the angels and the stewards of our souls and we step forth into our own likeness that has been at the very root of our being for all time.


I was going to sign this as being from Avenda, who has brought us many messages in the past. However, this time I was told in a whisper to step forth and reveal my own position in my beingness. She said that it is time for us all to recognize who we are and how far we have come in this ascension process. So, dear friends, I join you all this day in bringing forth that, which comes from my Spirit, and resonates throughout my soul on this day of wonder at the culmination of all that has come before.


Every day is that day; a brand new one is born in our cluster of jeweled facets of this life that we have created for ourselves. Once we admit that we are the only ones who are responsible for what our life is, we can look inward and outward at the same time and see our power of creativity. From that place in our hearts we can then go forth and see what we can do to create even more in the name of love and see it blossom forth in our lives. As the saying goes, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


I sit here and consider all I’ve learned/remembered in the past days, months, and years. As I think of my world, compared to what it was thirteen years ago when I moved to the southwest from Maine, I marvel at how far we have all come. I look at what we have gone through and what we all put into place to experience this transformation in our own unique ways. What a performance we are showing the universe we are capable of. Do you remember, at times, how it was when we were brand new creations of our Father/Mother God?


How far we have come to close the gap, to complete the circle. Before we know it, we will be on our way into a new wave of Creation and it will be splendid indeed. Now, right now my friends is that ‘before you know it’ time that I speak of. That is the nature of our energies right now. We are experiencing all of time, in and out, at the same time. In that truth we are able to see what is taking place that was born before and after all that is in the moment.


Haven’t you experiencing that at moments in your life? Aren’t there moments when you feel as if you’ve been there before and yet it is all strangely unfamiliar to you? Walk through those times with the knowing that it is all fitting in very nicely with the plan. It is what you invent as you spiral through these last times of the road to the breakout into our own freedom of who we are, created in the wonder of what has come before, after and right Now.


Two nights ago as I lay down to sleep, I felt an increase in an abdominal discomfort that had begun earlier in the evening. The muscles and tissue, even the whole energy of the solar plexus seemed to be involved; it tightened as if it was all being condensed, compacted. As I lay there willing it to go away, it increased even more until after tossing and turning I finally got up and took some bicarbonate to ease the pain. After another hour or so I finally was able to go off to blessed sleep and awoke in the morning with no more pain.


What I have been told as I write this, is that it was work being done on that area that was in tune with what my soul and Spirit has planned for me. There is coming a time for me when there will be a rapid change of events and in that change I will be ready to jump into a new way of meeting it, due to this expansion of the energies that transmit the messages through the solar plexus on out into the universe.


I tell you this because all of us are undergoing these kinds of changes in our bodies and souls. We are all undergoing transformations that can bring on discomfort of one degree or another. As we ride through them it is wise for us, and beneficial to our endurance, to realize that it is part of what we have agreed to withstand in our journey through these times. Our bodies were built to maintain our integrity of perfection and in these times we are returning to that integrity so that when we return to the anti-matter state of our atomic structure, our bodies will be a match for that perfection.


I take this moment now to thank each and every one of you for the love and support that you send to me and to all of humanity. I know that you are in your own stages of transformation, and I send out to you my love and support. We are all in this together, and no matter how we interpret that, which is our journey, it is all part of the One. We shall gather at the river of everlasting peace in our hearts and souls and bath in the waters of Divine Glory forever and ever.


Thanks to you all,

Love, Nancy Tate