April 11, 2009                





I was concerned recently about an online friend of many who hasnít been heard from lately. In realizing how quiet I've been, not just online, one of the feelings I've had about this person is that she too is probably undergoing things that are tied into the ascension process we are undergoing. I also realize what feelings have been coming up for me lately and that is that I've been tuning into the feelings of shame and guilt that certain things bring up in me. One of them is the statement/thought, "Other people have it far worse than you," or, "You think you've got it bad; what about......?"


I've been saying to things like that, "Yes, but I feel my pain ever so deeply. To say that it isn't as bad as what others feel is to discount it and say it doesn't matter." I think that when a person feels that way, like what they are feeling doesn't matter, that it just digs deeper and sits and smolders with feelings of resentment, disempowerment, and self-belittling welling up and being put down to increase and multiply, till over the years it burst forth in illness, violent behavior, pulling away from life, etc, etc, etc.


I see so much going on around the globe today; so many people are suffering so much. I then look back at the sadness in my lifetime and at first I say, "Why are you so unhappy; look at all those others?" Then I remember that my pain is just as acute as anyone's. How can you put a measure on pain? I remember some of the pain I've felt and there is no way that I can say it is worse than with anything else, or less than anyone elseís.


When something like one of the places of childhood happiness burns and disappears from your physical life, the pain is not about the loss of a building, it is about the loss of all it stood for, the love, joy, happiness, the carefree life of yesteryear, and the promise it gave me for a life based in family values and innocence. And in this time of ascension, it is also about all of that pain that has been sitting deep in your soul for lifetimes. It is all being cleansed; rushing forth to make room for the light that floods into that place that is vacated.


Though that building is now reduced to ashes, from that ground will rise the promise of yesterday, as Hatonn reminds me of the Phoenix, and will drift through the ethers into my heart, as a reminder of what was given me there, and what gave me the early learning/remembrance of how to be free, joyful and accepting of a love that is boundless, and non-judging.


This is not to say that there weren't moments there that carried with them the ebb and flow of human emotions, but it was as going on a vacation. You breathe and relax and take life a little more casually, out of the norm and into the free flow of life, as you would seek to have it every day. What I am relaying here is that I feel it is time to let go of the feelings of  'not worthy', 'shame on you', 'how could you', and come back to the love of  'I understand', 'you have every reason to feel that way', and 'you are a wonderful person and I love you'. Those words to me invoke an inner smile, which flows forth into a smile of gratitude for understanding. It erupts into a feeling of love for the one who spoke the words of understanding, and inspires feelings of what I can do to make a difference in someone's life in a way that carries forth the freedom from pain that I am experiencing.


When a person is told that she mustn't feel that way, or that he should be ashamed of something, then it prolongs the pain and can bring on anger and resentment. It perpetuates the myth that we are all bad, that we are not living the way we should, that we need to apologize for living. Instead, if we are told that we are loved, that we are understood, if we are offered words that help us to understand, that give us a feeling of love and the knowledge of how to go forth and make a difference in not only our lives, but in others' as well, then we are following the way of Spirit, the Word of God. We are following the forgiveness that is our birthright from The Creator. We are following in the footsteps that glow with the essence of all of those who come before us as a shining example of what it is to live the dream of that which is Holy, that which is Love itself.


A few years ago, as Iím sure many of you did, I heard of the ancient Hawaiian healing practice, Hoíoponopono. Rather than chastising someone, or yourself, for being human and feeling and acting out of those emotions, it is healing to say Iím sorry, I love you, I am grateful for you.


Think what a wonderful world this would be if each and every one of us turned to the one next to us, the one in the prison, the one at the head table of the corporations of the world, the one giving the orders to kill the enemy on the battlefield, and said to them, "I love you. I know from whence you came and it is the same place where we lay our heart at the end of a day. Come with me and we'll celebrate the treasures of this world in love and joy forevermore."


Think how that could change the way they look at life, at the next act they do, the next breath they take, and the next thought they have. It could take them the rest of their life to awaken to the freedom it can give them, or it could take but a moment in time for them to walk out into the sunshine and into the eternal freedom of themselves as they walk in the truth of who they are.


The next time I have a feeling of pain, sadness, resentment, I will stop and give myself a hug, a touch of love, an allowance to the tears that cleanse the soul. I will say that I deserve to feel this pain, just as I deserve to feel the forgiveness that I return to. Then I will step forth in life and find joy in what makes me sing and feel good about myself. I will carry forth in that which is an example of what life can be for all who care to tune in and live their life as is presented in the heart and soul of the loving Spirit that is forevermore presenting the Truth of who we are.


On this day, as the world commemorates the end of something beautiful, something that speaks so deeply of love and forgiveness, of the forgetfulness of humanity, we look to the day of new life. It is the Holy three days of the miraculous coming of a whole new rebirth of the promise of the Love of The Creator. As we live that Love, we create our Holy Trinity here on earth in the celebration of life everlasting. I send you a giant Hug beaming with the Love I feel for all of You.


Thank you for all You are,

Love, Nancy Tate