Wakeup Call Message
April  16, 2006


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 Easter : Sananda 



On this day in 2006 we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus The Christ. We celebrate for we recognize within this grand happening the very ability that we all have to come back from the dead and reign over earth and the universe forevermore.


Indeed we do that with every waking moment with all that we are. We come to the ultimate of expression through the acts that we do and the thoughts of love that are generated from the time that we awaken and the time we close our eyes to sleep. We journey through the land of the forgotten until once again we restore ourselves to the light of day and we begin another journey through time and space and on into infinity.


What do we do in the time in between? We ride the waves of ecstasy and we return renewed and refreshed. We see the ultimate glory that is God and that resides within each and every one of us. We know in those times that we are invincible and we devise new ways in which we come to the place of slumber to bring again another way in which to express our infinity.


Today is like any other day in some respects for we are always dying to a lie that is lived and awakening to the truth. We see the chances for freedom rush by our door and we run to catch the last train to freedom. With this train we find that it goes to the same place every time that we catch it, and so we dismount thinking that we have caught the wrong train. What we do not realize is that there is no wrong train; there is no missed ride. There is no wrong turn in the track and with the advent of that truth we set ourselves free.


Do you feel the love that is being generated right now within the bosom of the Christ? It is a love of all there is and a readiness to surrender to that love. We fall and then we rise and the story goes on till one day we do not fall and the story is perpetuated in a song and in a choice we make for everlasting love. This is the story that reigns forever in the annals of time, and as we step forward in the story we write new chapters, we change the endings and we sing the glories of the newfound ways in which we are able to express our Divinity.


Take a moment my loved ones and see yourselves in a new light. Know that as the energies of change are upon you there will be times of leisure in which you will prosper in Spirit. There will be times in which you will take moments to cleanse and restore your system, for to meet the rising frequencies you must attain a lighter body. This you are doing, my dear ones, and as this is accomplished you will find that all that is within your idea of manifestation shall come forth in a manner that is both equitable and effortless.


As you gather today with family and friends, note the differences in your demeanors. Note the new closeness, or the evidence of drifting apart. Realize that this is in perfection, for the manner of change is to sometimes bid farewell to that which no longer serves. This can be done now with a minimum of sorrow. This can also be done with a new lightness that celebrates the coming of the new way of being.


There is no grander thing that you do for yourself than to honor the moment and bless it for its gifts. There is only one thing now to remember and that is that you are Divine, and that there is no separation in the world. All is One and all is Holy. On this day of days we see the ultimate in love personified in the fact of eternal life.


Go now and be counted for yours is a journey that reaches to the stars and beyond. You are infinite, and the ground is Holy with your presence. Blessings on this day and forever.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate