Wakeup Call Message
April  19, 2006


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  Holy Chosen Few 


When we took the oath on the day of retribution we did so in the energy of Forever Holy. We did so, so that we could stand the test of time and so that we could come forward at this time and declare our sovereignty in the face of the Creator. That is what we do now; we stand in our ultimate Grace and we announce that we shall experience no more than the blessed events that are to supercede all that has come before, and all that has comes since in the dimensionality of our world.


We are the Chosen Few and we represent humanity along with the extreme fundamental basics of the One Source of all. We realize that we have a family in the cosmos, and in that reality we bow to their discretion, for they know more than we do at this time. We give them our masses and we swear our allegiance, for we know in the realms in which they live there is unbiased truth and that is the way to our freedom from these bonds of amnesia that we have set upon our beingness.


Once there was a plan, and this plan was set in the institution of the intent of the Source. This came to us as an example of how we could put to the test our places in Heaven, and show who and what we are not. This was a plan set forth in our glory and capitulated upon in a manner that bespoke the ultimate in forgetfulness. This represented duality, and fear; this represented a presence of shadows to cover our light. We took up the sword of physicality and we wielded it among each other and took leisure in our return to who we were.


This is all came about in a manner that showed who we were not, and now we take it up in a manner that shows how well we can come back to who we are. No more shall we sit idly by and allow our world to crumble before our eyes. No longer will we allow a few to determine our destiny when they have fallen so far from the light. We are ready to withstand what it will take to grab the gold ring and swing from our convictions to bring ourselves back to the place of Holy expression and ride the waves of love forevermore.


We do not do this whimsically, for we have much to do. We are being helped by our cosmic family, and in that we give undying gratitude. We recognize that our actions can mimic theirs, and as we step forward we gather strength and we shout in joy our plans for a bright new day, born in freedom and lived in Divine justice forevermore.


What did it take for us to get to this point? It took seeing the devil and all his handmaidens lined up in our earthly thoughts and our earthly ways. We invented the devil and we put into place the idea that the feminine energies would follow and reign in the shadows as a lowly representative of the Holy. This we did for some had an idea of grandeur that included only a chosen few, their chosen few. This perpetuated itself through eons of time and in that trip there came many lies and many suppositions of life as it is, rather than life as it is not.


Now we stand together against those chosen few who actually represent themselves as the ones who are supreme. They have lost their way to the point of complete and utter darkness, and they know not where they go or what they will do when they get there. We have offered our hands and our love to them as a bulwark against the darkness to which they have fallen. This they have disregarded and they have scorned. They have shrunk from our light and we have been turned away in a manner that shows us that we cannot give them what it is they want for it is not who we are.


This brings us to the point to which we have been laboring. We stand now in the truth of the Divine Specter of our Source of Sources. We see who we are and we are prepared to return to the light in full, and entirety represented with the acts that we do and the love that we emit to the broad expanses of the Divine. We do with love and compassion bring all of our resources to bear to bring our beloved planet to light and to nevermore allow the shadows of fear and retribution to our land and our light.


As we wind down this statement of fact and this decree of humanity walking this earth, we speak for the generations of ourselves, who are all present at this moment, and we declare our sovereignty from the darkness of earth. We shine our light directly and completely to the heavens and to the inner earth and out into the universe for all to see and all to feel. For it is pure and united love, and the light encompasses all who can withstand it, in our Holy name and that of all who have walked before us and with us and in our name, forevermore and completely.


Come unto me my children and we shall build heaven on earth and live in freedom forever and ever. And so it is.


Thank you dear Holy Chosen Few of Earth,

Love, Nancy Tate