Wakeup Call Message
April  27, 2006


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My dear ones, this is a most auspicious day, for today is the day of triumph and might over the darkness. Today is the day that the shadows are chased away from the corners and byways of the planet, and it is the day of celebration, for all of you have declared your sovereignty and justice shall prevail.


Why doesn’t it seem this way when you look at the news and read the papers? That is because those media sources represent the 3D world. The world I speak of is the world of the 4D and 5D worlds, and beyond.


I am Hatonn, and I come to you to explain something about interacting within the paradigm that you desire. I see many of you involved in your everyday chores and I see a wide variety of choices that are made within those activities. I see that many of you make those chores much more involved and difficult because of the choices you make. I also see many of you realizing that to make choices in these activities that are unlike the ones you used to make has enabled you to lead a much more refined and easy life.


How have you done that? It is through your insistence on an inner level that you follow your guidance and allow the inspirations that come from within to lead you on a path of goodwill and ease. This is the purveyor of all that is within reach and that solidifies the knowledge that you do have supremacy in your life.


I would like to share something with those of you who have as yet to discover for yourselves that this is the case. You have heard the words and you have seen the ones who make it work in their lives. Yet you find that there is something missing in the equation in your life. You observe those others and you wonder why it cannot happen for you.


Here we have one of the factors that builds a barrier to your activity of supremacy; you have looked at another and seen someone who is separate from you. You have seen a lack in you and in so doing you have set an energy that suggests that you will always be apart from the success that others generate in their lives.


On this day you can tune in to the energies of unity and allow that energy to move you forward. In doing this you will be giving credence to the fact that you are one with those who have found success in their lives. You will have joined the unity that brings success and that perpetuates all that is in movement and creating in the energy of love and Divinity. This energy is all that it presents itself to be and more, for it is infinite, and it includes all of you.


Another factor in bringing success in your lives, no matter how that success defines itself to you, is to live that which you desire in your life. You know that you are the creator of that which you intend for your life, and in so being you are invincible in your creation. Give this a thought and see how it feels to go on your way in trust and in love knowing that all that you touch turns to gold. With this knowledge you open the doors to success and as you walk through those doors you find that all that you have asked for is there waiting for you.


One thing that many of you do is to reinforce that you are lacking when what you call for does not appear before you in that instant. This, my dear ones is the dichotomy that you feel is in place; you should be able to create in an instant. My dears you do just that. The minute that you call for something to be in your life, it is deposited in your Spirit bank. Yes, each of you has a safe deposit bank with your name on it, and you have the key.


This bank holds the deposits that you have ordered until such time as you recognize that you already have it and have proven that by bringing your vibration to a match with that which you have created. Yes, it is that simple. What you do to accomplish that is to know that this is the way it is done, and to be ever so grateful and show it, feel it, exclaim your gratitude to the heavens and to your inner bank for being so generous and for allowing this to come to you. Then follow the promptings that you feel and ‘hear’ from within. Know that as you do you increase your frequency and bring it in line with that which is in your bank.


Make it a journey of joy; as you see each factor of the creation appear, know that it is all awaiting your collection and in that knowledge you will find power of creation and you will live it in the fullest. Take the time, for this is earth and you are still living part of your existence in the 3D, and see that the chasm is closing and you are well on your way to instant manifestation. Also realize that depending on the subject of your intent, if there are others involved, if this is a community or world-wide venture, you are contending with a mass consciousness and that represents the individuality of each degree of belief and gratitude for what is.


This is why it is wise to see what it is you intend for your life and for life on earth and bring it into your own sphere. See your life as peaceful, when you desire world peace. See your life as prosperous, when you want abundance for the whole world. See your life as joyful when you want the world to be in joy. See yourself as the world and then know that as the rest of this world matches your intent it shall be so in the worldview. In this way, you allow the rest of the individuals in the whole world to follow their course and at the same time, you honor their choices and you hold a candle in the window so that they will find and recognize home and family when they see it.


So my dears, see that all is beauty and that all is fun and playful. Live this truth to the best of your ability and knowing. Be the peaceful world and be the joyful dance of life; it is catching. It is abundant and as you do, you spread the light far and wide and at the same time keep it at home safe and warm and ready to light up your world with the abundance of love that creates and brings the beauty all home.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate