Wakeup Call Message
April  21, 2006


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My dear ones, it is I, Hatonn, this morning, and I have a message for you. There is coming a stream of happenings that point to a resolution in the present circumstances of governance in the world, and most presently in this country. With this stream will come a revelation that will show the people who are as yet uncertain, or unaware of any of the hidden dangers that are plaguing the USA and other parts of the world.


With these streams will come news of what has been taking place behind the scenes in this country for decades. After the truth of the recent happenings then will come the rest of the history of earth as it has not been portrayed ever before on this planet. There are repositories all over the globe of the real history of the planet and even now those reports are surfacing in many lands and from under the seas.


I ask that you be patient in the process of discovery and reporting, for these truths are in some cases capable of instigating upheaval within people and without. There are reports that will stir even the most open-minded people to the core, and this must be handled with care and compassion. This is where the lightworkers come in; this is why you have been preparing for this time with your voluntary enlightenment of what has been taking place behind the news and the history reports.


I ask further that you keep a wary eye out for the ones who in your midst are leading a volatile lifestyle that does not support what is not shown in mainstream, and may rebel in a manner that does not represent peace and forbearance. These ones can be approached with a degree of love and compassion and with an allowance for their anger and frustration to vent in a way that is not threatened to explosive expression.


You know how to do that; you have been awakened to the value of peace and acceptance. You are aware that allowance is a great diffuser, for to resist is to perpetuate that which is being resisted. You are ready for this time in earth life to stand in your power and give all that you are to those who are still in the amnesia that sustains the lies that are in the mainstream.


We of the Galactic Federation know your capabilities and we see a vast resource of strength within all of you. We see that light streaming forth and the resilience with which you ride through life in a manner that bespeaks your inner strength. It is most heartwarming and we see you as the treasure that earth spills forth at this time to ward off the poverty of Spirit that could abound were it not for this wealth of Spirit.


In your preparations for this stream of events and announcements you will be wise to realize that as these events come forth it will be at earth speed. This means that it may not come as rapidly as you would deem it. Realize, in the awakened level at which most of you are, you expect these new reports to come in a rapid-fire succession, as is with the stepped up frequency of your field now.


This is not the way it may happen, for what we refer to is the 3D reality in which most of earth experiences. This is a time when many of the people of earth are in resistance to the higher levels and in that they promote and keep the energies of 3D in their world. This is why so many of the revelations of truth within the governance of this country especially come at what you may consider to be a snail pace.


Remember that we are solidly behind and beside you in this streaming of events. We encourage you to live each moment for what it is, to see that the rate of speed with which these news reports come forward is in perfection, and that there will be no stone left unturned.


I leave you now to your day, and as you go about the work of Spirit, you garner to you the light of the Universe and the love of all there is. You are backed 100% by the Creator Source and you are a united front for the perpetuation of all that is Divine.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate