Wakeup Call Message
April  18, 2006


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I, Hatonn, come to you today through this one in anticipation of a day that could go down in infamy. I say this because the energies of love are so prevalent on this day that there could come any number of glorious things. With this coming will express the resonance that will guarantee that those who tune in to it will be profoundly changed forevermore.


I realize that this is a pretty broad statement, and one that I do not take lightly. However, with this statement I include an amount of frivolity for there is a degree of joy that combines with play and gives itself to the vestiges of freedom over all of the land. This freedom lives in the hearts of many and speaks itself in the corridors of time, over centuries and throughout all of humanity.


Why do I speak of such things on this day? It is because there has been a development in the area of freedom that will make itself known in just a few short weeks in its entirety, and when that time comes you will understand why I have come to you today in this way. You will see that there is indeed another story that supercedes the one of tyranny and that is the one I speak of today.


What is taking place today is a monumental task that has been accomplished, and it has come about because you as a whole have decreed it. In your free will standing you have seen the brevity of the world situation and you have rang forth in your souls the revelation of freedom from this tyranny and you have colored your rainbow with hues that have not as yet been seen and experienced in heaven. These hues represent the ultimate in intent for going beyond the bar and into the areas of trust and uprightness that speaks to the heart of all there is.


Though I am not at liberty at this time to share with you the details of this event, I can tell you this. There are certain of the regime presently in place on the North American continent who have surrendered their positions of power and wealth to the Galactic Federation. They are no longer in the position that can have effect on their country and the world. This has been in the past reported to be so, however in those times in the past there was one thing that they did not do and that has been accomplished today.


For the sake of the security of this country and the countries of all the Americas we withhold this last vestige of their power in repose until such time as we can share it with the world. Know that until that time there will be definite repercussions from this action today that will ravel the threads of tyranny and release the bondage that has encircled humanity for so long, and that most definitely includes the military personnel.


With these final words that we bring you today, we assure you that there is peace being enacted in various places around the globe. These peace measures are being implemented in the backgrounds and at the foundations, and soon you will see the actual results of these actions. We will release the details, as we are able. Until then we suggest that you hold all of the military and the opposing forces of this world in a light of love and peace for it is through your strength and perseverance that this is coming to be.


We love and cherish each and every one of you, and as we close this report we see a wide-open berth of light streaming forth from the planet and heading straight for our hearts; we in turn beam it back to you closing the circle.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate