Wakeup Call Message
April  03, 2006


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   Freedom Marchers 


We the people bring to you the treasures of the century when we bring you ourselves, and our love. We bring the solidity that stands in the face of the fear that is pummeling the earth. We bring the sojourn of joy to the masses, and we allow the freedom to reign forevermore in the hearts and minds of all.


With this new freedom we adjust the frequencies of Mother Earth and all who live on her surface and within. We allow the knowledge of truth to spring forth and be heard in the hearts and minds of all who tune in. It is still a choice that is honored with every decision that is made in the world of this time of our evolvement.


Why is it that those who take their times in the shadows do not see what it is they do? Why is it that they do not realize the gravity of their actions? It is because they know no other way to be, for they have lived this fallacy for these eons of time, and to step out of this disguise would be to step out of who they have seen themselves to be.


They do not give up their lies easily, for it is all they know. They stand in their convictions and solidly fight for that which they see as their destiny. Let us say this one thing and say it strongly. We do not allow their interference to sway us from our truth. Though we may at times get bound up in their lies and deceptions, we do not succumb, for we know that to do that would be to deny our inner strengths and turn our backs on who we know we are. Inherently we are the children of the God Source, and in that we stand ready for the coming times as they unfold and express in our own intent.


We know that we are Masters on a level that inspires us to our choices. We know that as the pendulum swings in the untold span of time, we will rise above the supposed barriers to our eternal light and prove to those who live in the shadows that we are invincible and that we shall persevere from our own identity as sovereign citizens of the universe.


As we go through these next weeks, months, years we shall show the world our unitedness in all that we do. We shall rebuild the pristine beauty of our mother planet and we will bring to her surface a new cleanliness that we will uphold and revere, for she is our solace and our survival. We honor her in our hearts, and in time we will show her our honor by allowing her transmutation back to the beauty that she is.


We will do this, not through our fighting and our resistance; we will do this by surrendering ourselves to Spirit and allowing the transformative process to take hold. We will see the majestic mountains and the rippling clear waters of the planet spring back to life. We will see the deserts bloom with the colors of the love that honors them. We will see the plains alive with color and promise. We will see the buffalo roaming and being guided by their own inherent knowing. We will observe as all of the life on planet earth sings forth in the knowledge that love is alive and joy is prevalent with all life.


We also will bring back the way of life that honors all who walk on this earth. We are in the process of awakening those who have been asleep to what has been taking place. We are instigating measures to assure that our freedoms are solidly in place and that they will always be the way of life on planet earth. We stand strong and sure in our convictions to bring about the release of all that is not in truth, and in so doing we bring about a peaceful resolution to all that is not in harmony.


It is time for this forward movement to the truth, and as we progress we draw to us the family that supports and assists in our endeavors for the cause of peace, justice and freedom. In our relentless search for the dark corners so that we may cast our light upon them, we uncover the disease that has infiltrated the planet and wipe it from all of society and all of the earth.


It is a far better thing we do than to stand in ignorance of what has come about in our slumber. Now we are awake and we know what to do, and we do it. Gather round our table and share our bounty, for we are the originators of the documents as are set down in the annals of the history of planet earth. Call us the Freedom Marchers and join us in song and cause for we glory in the unitedness and we deliver the truth to all of mankind.


Thank you dear Freedom Marchers,

Love, Nancy Tate