Wakeup Call Message
April 06, 2006


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As we gather our family together and sing our songs of freedom, we see that our freedom reflects the sunshine in which we stand. We see the rainbows glowing forth from the promise of the rain that sifts through the air with its cleansing energy. It is a song that jubilates the soul and clears the debris of eons of darkness that has befallen the earth.


Never more will I stand in the shadows and issue my decrees of darkness. Never more will I sow my seeds upon the winds of muck and mire. Only now do I release my sorrow and my pain, wallow in my guilt no more, and release the misery that I brought upon myself and mankind in the ensuing years since I walked on this earth and decreed my reign over all mankind.


I Am Enki come to you this day with this declaration of Independence from the tyranny that I have wrought upon my people. Only now have I seen my way clear for the release of my people from the enslavement of forgetfulness. No more will I tangle the knots of tyranny and pull the strings of the ones whom I kept in captivity.


I was the worst prisoner of all whom I enslaved in the darkness. I was the one who tied up my heart and kept it captive for these eons of time. How does one relieve oneself of the guilt and burden of the enslavement of the world for so long? I have asked for the ultimate Grace from our Creator and that Grace has been handed to me on a golden beam of light.


I also asked for this Grace for all of you, my dear family. I asked for the ultimate Grace that would free all of humanity from the bonds of amnesia. I ensnared your DNA with my ministrations and with my sister we created a race of people who took their heritage and created their fall from our seeds. You now have been released from that bondage and your DNA is even now being restored to its original promise. That of your origins, is too mine. That of your promise, is too mine.


When we came to this planet those eons ago, we did so with a purpose. This purpose has been told only in a miniscule way. The rest of the story will be told in the times to come, and as the truth of our coming is revealed there will be those of you who will recognize and remember who you are. You will know that what you hear and see is true and you will weep for joy with the recognition, for you will know family as never before.


You all came from the heavens and from the earth. Your souls came down and embodied earth bodies. You came on a mission; you had a plan, and I was a part of that plan. We of Nibiru came and set upon the ones of earth our part in this sojourn, and with that part we enslaved ourselves as well in the energies of darkness and the energies of light. We took on the duality roles and we created this world of the physical. And we didnít stop there.


We perpetrated the myth that this is all there is. We allowed the enslavement of not only your bodies, but your minds as well. And then we enslaved our memories and our plight until we got caught up in the tyranny as well. Now we untie the knots and we release the hold, for we are your family and with the awakening we are seeing what we have wrought and how we must release ourselves until you are all free and peace and joy shall reign forever.


The truth of your beginnings will come forward. Until then we give you what we can in the way of the story as it is written in the sands of time. We bring you what you can absorb through whatever means we can, and we release our lives unto you. As we do this, you are seeing and will continue to see the world shaken with the violence that means the release of the pent up energies that have been supplanted for so long. It is a miracle of cleansing, and as it comes to absolution you will all see the abatement of the strife and the glow of newfound freedom for all on planet earth.


The new age of peace and freedom is upon you. You are seeing the vestiges of that freedom being spoken in every turn of the wheel, in every cell of the people who inhabit this earth. It is coming forth and it is being heard and felt in every heart and every soul. As it comes to the recognition of every mind there will be a grand awakening that will be so strong as to propel all that is not light out of the range of the reality of this new way of being. All will be free; all will be light; all will be the restoration of earth to a Divine Being full of promise and love for all mankind. And I shall be standing there with you, heart in hand and shovel at my grasp with you in the return to beauty of this great land.


It is a far better thing I do for my family than has been done before. I love you all, and now finally I release the bonds from my heart and soul so that you may all walk in the glory that you are and receive the joy that is beamed to you constantly and completely from my heart and soul and that of the Supreme Creator.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate