Wakeup Call Message
April  10, 2006


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 Hi Everyone,


For the past three days I have been experiencing a cleansing of old energies from my body. Even though it is not especially comfortable, and in a way downright annoying, on a deeper level I am rejoicing for I know this too shall pass and more light will gain access.


For this reason I will refrain from bringing more messages till I feel clear once more. What I will do for the interim is refer to past messages which Spirit leads me to bring forth, for they have validity to Now. Here is todayís revisit to three years and ten days ago.





Dear Creator God,


          Nancy: I know that you are in everyone; I know that you have more than one emissary of the truth. In the capacity of a carrier of your message, I ask what you can tell me about NESARA and why we have not seen it on our screens.


          CG: My dear one, this is the time for all of you to know that there is nothing that has happened on earth that has not been the direct result of the idea that you are all separate from me. This is the premise by which all of you live and operate in the wisdom of what you consider to be the good of everyone. With this in mind I ask you, why do you feel that there has been no announcement? Why do you feel that it is someone else who must bring this about?


          N: I see that this is something that must come about through the collective consciousness, and that there arenít enough on earth who feel that we are in desperate need of this. There are so many who have been mesmerized and are not seeing the truth of the situation. How can we bring this forward, if there isnít enough energetic oomph to do so?


          CG: When in the course of human events it becomes possible to bring something into manifestation, it is with the direct and purposed action of the people. This is the law of the natural way, and when I say that there is only one way to deal with this, I am referring to the energy of knowledge and foresight that a small percentage of people bring forth on this planet. There is an ongoing residual that is affecting the ones who are in charge of this announcement, and when this residual gets cleared out, then there will be no resistance to the proposed announcement.

How this can be accomplished is by the careful, and thorough absorption of the energies of darkness that prevail on the planet. This residual is not the basis for the troubles that are plaguing the planet right now. It is the light that is being produced from the overriding of the darkness by the lightworkers of the planet. When this takes place, there is a mounting of energy that places itself into the stream of consciousness and prevails over all. This takes place in a gradual way, until there is a point reached, which you call a zero point, and that point is very, very imminent. The occurrences that take place every moment around the globe are as a sweeping action to that residue. Every time there is a life lost, or a part of the globe that is dirtied with another chemical, there is a lessening of the light, and a sweeping of the darkness that comes in. With this action, the light comes around and supplies the oomph to the issue, and then the relativity of the electric energy is given to the situation, and the buildup manifests itself in the intention of the consensus.

          This is the way it works in this existence. This is the way that matter comes about. Now with the increased resilience to the energy of intent, there is a quickening taking place, and that makes the situation at hand closer to being brought forward. What you can all do now is to keep monitoring the messages that are brought forth, and taking to your heart and knowingness what in those messages are a match with your intent. This is the buildup that is necessary in bringing about the picture and the reality that is being created.


          N: Would you please explain that about the light coming around and providing the oomph after the darkness has overridden?


          CG: Let me explain it in a different way. When there is a room with a door and a window, there is a certain amount of light that is present until the door is closed. Then if the shade is drawn on the window the light lessens. These are obstacles to the light brought about through the actions of intent. Then someone opens the door and some light comes in. The darkness, which has overridden the light, is now being supplanted and the one who brings in that light then raises the shade and more light is allowed in. This brings a great deal of light to the situation, and it is done through the action of intent.

          The light, though overridden by the intent of darkness, never is destroyed. It is always present, and in unlimited quantity. No matter where you go on earth, there is always the potential for light, because there is always light everywhere in the world. Light is the All That Is. It is the expression of That Which Is.

          When the situation of NESARA is in the light of intent, then it shows itself. When the intent is strong enough, and the intent of the people builds the strength of the Light enough, by opening the door and the shade, then you will all see it in your reality.


          N: So this means that what we must do to bring this about is to keep on bringing messages, and seeing that we have it. It is to know that we are already living it, is that right?


          CG: Yes that, and remember the action. Someone has to open that door and raise that shade. Then someone has to recognize and appreciate that the light is there, and go forth and spread the word. Otherwise there is still only one who knows about the lit up room. It is a collective action that takes place. It is a rejoicing that brings the awareness to the world. It is a determined intent that spreads the word, and eases the darkness.


          N: Iím hearing the echoes of so many people now who are saying things like, ďI am so tired of waiting for this. Day after day, we hear the same thing. When are we going to see this?Ē


CG: That is because that is their reality. That is what they create through their impassioned pleas for things as they are. Rather than saying to these messages yes, this is grand, we are ready to live this, they are creating a reality of not having it. When they see that they are living it, and that it is wonderful, then they will push the last vestige of darkness out of their reality. And then the rest of the world will do so, for they will see the light as well. When they see the White Knights as being powerfully playing out their roles, and when they see the Judges as being ready to make the announcement, then they will help to create that as their reality. When this and other messages are spread far and wide, they will open doors and raise shades. It will build a reality that will give oomph to the intent energy. This message and all the others will join and push the intent energy into reality.

Meet all the messages with love and enthusiasm, and the knowing that it is the very thing that will propel the word to the far corners of the globe and onto the screens of the world. It is like giving birth. The pains of producing a new life can sometimes be overwhelming. That can be alleviated by the surrender to the process; and the final push will bring the beautiful new life into the arms of the parents, and the world will hear the cries of the new life and the voice of the people. Passion brought the seed to the new life. Passion brings the new life into the reality of the world. Bring your passion into the equation, and you will see the new life and hold it in your hearts and minds, and create your new reality.


N: Thank you Creator God.