Wakeup Call Message
April  20, 2006


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There is a band of chosen few who came to earth out of the blue

They sat around and did their thing and then they found a happening

That brought them pain and so much fear and so it was and so my dears

This is the time when that is ore and now we say to forevermore

There is no one who comes so close to heaven and the heavenly host

As you and I and all the rest, we show ourselves onto the best

That ever was and ere will be, for they you see are you and me.


My dear ones, as the day wears on and the hopes grow strong for the freedom of the masses there is one thing that we want you to know, and that is that there is coming on the horizon a glorious display of fanciful mirth and with that joy we will be expanding our horizons and creating a whole new way of being on earth.


We will see the seas clear up and the soils sparkle with new luster and life. We will see the fields of gold wave in the soft summer breezes, and invite all to roll and frolic in their softness. We will see the forests rich and green with the splendor of the various trees. Those trees will speak to your hearts and you will know their language. The flowers in the meadows will ripple through your fancies and they will nod in your direction with a fragrance that bespeaks their beauty.


The cacti in the desert will offer their riches and as you touch their thorns there will be a blending of energies that invites more. There will be no sharp pain from them, for they are one with you. The clouds will hold a message for you as they roll across the sky; they will whisper of their love and their ability to read your every desire for a beautiful day adorned with the white puffiness against the deep blue sky. They will send their drops of rain as is requested by Mother Gaia to retain the delicate balance of the weather patterns in their transition to the perpetual perfection of the atmospheric conditions of planet earth.


Animals of the earth will regain their strength and their communication with you will be instant and complete. They will tell you of their world and they will share with you their history on earth and on other planets. There will be total harmony between them and us. They too will be as teachers for us, as we will be for them as well.


All will be in perfection on planet earth, and we will have had a hand in bringing that about. We delight in creation when it is Divine. We show our best faces when we walk in the Holy step of the Creator. As we go about our daily tasks we do so with full knowledge that we create in love and in light. We are Gods and in that capacity we bring our New Golden Age to our lives and live the heartfelt promise that we made to ourselves long, long ago.


Now, today, we come full circle and we ask the heavens to shine their light over all that is taking place on earth today. We ask that this light cleanse all that is taking place on earth and that this cleansing be swift and sure. We gather in the trenches and we gather in the town squares. We show the world that we mean it and that our blow to darkness is complete and full of love. It does not harm, but transform what hides in the shadows to the absolute love of all there is.


I Am Avenda, and I speak for all who have offered to me their love and their intent. We band together in this unity and we show the all there is that we are one in our intent to bring our duality to a close. No longer is it a world of tyranny and strife. We make this last step out of the darkness and into the eternal light. And so it be; and so it is.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate