Wakeup Call Message
April  05, 2006


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My sweet ones when you deliver a blow to the cause for freedom, you suppress that freedom and call in the shadows. When you deliver a blow to the cause for suppression you open up a whole gamut of light that comes flooding over all in the area of that suppression. That is the nature of light, and in that nature we find an inherent ability to spread that light even further with our intent. That is how it works and that is why our world is bringing together the ways in which the Light will prevail even as the darkness seems to be on the rise.


Never before in the history of this planet has there been such an unfolding of energies that speak in the intent of the people. Never before have the voices of the people been heard so loudly in the realms of the all-knowing. This is a time when the inner voices are drowning out the outer ones that speak out in fear and degradation, for the inner voices speak directly to the Godness within each and every particle of Light.


This is why there is such turmoil right now. With the hearty ringing of the voices of truth, the voices of untruth are wailing and shouting their protests. They are not willing to give up their positions of power without a fight, and that is what we are seeing in action all over the globe. Realize that as they expel their anger and fear they are running their well dry, and at some time in the near future they will have reached an empty bottom and the Light will come rushing in to sweep them away or to overcome and render them Light. That is to be determined according to the dark ones choice.


In the meantime, we are seeing more and more of the homelandís people coming together in a wash of love and unitedness that rivals all and any of the town meetings that have ever taken place on this planet. Remember the meetings of old when the townsfolk got together to decide the fate of the townís activities? This is what is taking place once more, in the hearts and souls of all people around the planet. This isnít necessarily an event of the physical so much as it is of the soul. Yes, souls are banding together in the realm of Light and they are communicating their intent for unity and peace on this planet. And they are seeing their intent unfold in all ways in every corner and every avenue of community life. This will bring it into the light of day and the physical.


As these intentions begin to show themselves in actuality more and more, there will be a groundswell so powerful as to sweep away any remaining debris left in the wake of the dark onesí journey. This will express itself in self-governance springing up in communities all over the globe. It will show itself as peaceful uprisings that bring change about in a way that solidifies the American dream and sweeps its energy all over the globe. This will represent the peaceful co-existence that is personified in every way of life. And as it goes so it will build in strength and purpose till every society, every ethnic culture will be expressing in their own version of that peacefulness.


Does this sound good to you? Do you embrace that idea? Then it is up to each and every one of you to step forward in that light and lend your hand and heart to that cause. It is up to each and every one of you to bring that energy into your lives, and to allow it to flow forth from your life into the community. This is how love is perpetrated. This is how the sovereignty of the human race is interpreted and lived. This is how mountains are climbed and oceans are crossed, and how miracles are created in every moment and every aspect of life on planet earth.


As I bring these last words of my message to you today, I Avenda, do ask you one more thing. If you were to go out into your community today and ask one question of the person on the street, what would it be; what is your first idea? This can show you what the first and most important issue is for you in your community, and therefore the one to address first. This can be a wayshower for the other issues and the one that will be of the most influence in your life. Honor that, and walk in that energy, and you may be surprised at how strongly that affects the rest of your life and the issues that arise in it.


I love each and every one of you, for we are all community. We live and love on this great planet earth, and we are the ones who determine the life we experience on this planet. Letís pull together and honor each of our most important issues and see it all gel into a wondrous resolution for life in love and light for all of us. We can get this done and into the New Golden Age with swiftness and surety. Consider it done; we are there!


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate