Wakeup Call Message
April 15 , 2005



 Special Hatonn4-15-05, 12:30pm, mountain time

Hi Everyone,


I had ten minutes before just sent out the Wake up Call, and then I heard three knocks again, and hurried to the computer to see what was coming. Here it is folks. Please realize that I have butterflies as big as baseballs in my stomach right now. This had better be factual; please forgive me if it proves to be wrong.


Here is Hatonn once more:


Yes, please send out this message. In about ten hours or less, you will want to be watching CNN and be vigilant as to who you invite to watch with you. There is likely to be an announcement and this will bring about a step that is vital to the people of the world. We are not going to say what this is about, for to do so would be beyond our jurisdiction. Please trust us on this, for it is imperative that certain information be acknowledged in the moment.


  There may be more of these as the day progresses. If so I will post them here, and send them out.

   Love, Nancy