Wakeup Call Message
April 29 , 2005





My dear ones, today we shall look at a cloud and examine its aspects. This cloud is one that gives rise to the energies of change that can envelope a planet as it is undergoing a change. Within this cloud is potential in manifestation and it carries the intent of all the souls who reside on the planet.

As we continue into this day and find the results of the occasion in Peru taking shape, we do so with the knowledge that there is an ongoing metamorphosis taking place. We see a coming around of the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, and in that time we are revisiting the energies of transformation and integration of the energies of unitedness.

It is almost as if we go back in time to those days and bring that unitedness of the beings who lived in Lemuria to this timeframe. I say almost, for as a timeframe is revisited it is blended with the time from which the visit is made. This can express itself in the energy of potential that is carried with the present time as it is morphed backward.

Now I will explain another feature of this revisitation. When the visit is accomplished, then certain elements of change can be regarded as elements of manifested past history. By this I mean that when there is a revisit, there is an effect that can be noticed by some people. This effect can be in the form of sky colors, cloud formations, a humming heard by a discerning ear, and any number of celestial phenomena. Also this can be noticed in the wildlife of the planet. Some insects can be observed to be going crazy in circles, of buzzing about in tight clusters. Some can be gathering substance from flowers that they don’t normally go to. This is a result of their sensing and visiting another timeline.

Some animals will feel a difference, and may tend to revert to a former expression of life. They may find themselves responding to a different energy and act as if they are in a different season, so the squirrels my want to gather acorns in the spring, for instance. Any number of strange abnormal occurrences can take place over the few hours during one of these energy cloud events.

What many felt during this time was that they were not of this time, but of another. This could have been interpreted as a feeling of nostalgia of extreme proportion. Another effect could be that certain ones may have thought that they has slept for many hours, only to find that they had dozed off for a matter of a few minutes. Some may have been a bit disoriented for a time, and then suddenly were clear. These are the types of effects that could have been experienced at the time of the Peru cloud.

What took place that affected Mother Gaia is that she began to remember the energy of Lemuria and Atlantis, and in doing she released much of the memory of those times to the waters and to the air. These memories became encapsulated within the cloud, and as the cloud dispersed, it carried with it these memories. As the particles of cloud carried over the whole of the planet, they touched in with the vibrations of all who lived in those two time periods and reawakened a portion of their own memories of those times.

They then were able to set in place the remembrance of those times and have captured them in a sort of time release capsule for the reawakening process of ascension.

As this remembrance takes place over a gradual time, it will also bring with it certain emotions that are ‘stuck’ to those memories. They will be quickly dissipated and transmuted to harmless energy and they will not be experienced except in some cases as a slight discomfort over a period of maybe a half hour or an hour, and then the feeling will fade away, leaving the person feeling refreshed and alert, full of a peace that will seem to have not been felt for a long time.

This is because the release of these emotions creates a lightening of the soul, and with that lightening comes a sureness of self. This is opening the way for a blessed event, and that is to see everything with much more clarity, and to know that they are in the arms of The Creator. This is a vital part of the ascension process, and to be in that space as a way of being is one of the surest ways to express the process of ascension in acceleration.

Now my dear ones, I would like to share with you how you will be undergoing the next times of this process. This is a condensation of the process, for we do not have time here to go into depth. This can be broken down in parts of coming messages, and then there will be a clearer understanding of what the meaning is behind some of the experiences you will be having are all about.

In a nutshell, you will all be experiencing mood swings, and during these times, you may feel as though you had lost your best friend. This will be a short lived phenomena, and within an hour or two, you will snap out of it and feel at peace and content. This will be a part of an old energy that has been with you for these eons, and is no longer serving you.

Another thing you may experience is that there is no day and no night anymore, that they run together and you wonder where the difference is. This too will pass. As the various changes take place, and you emerge from them, you will find that you will feel a new strength and peace of mind. This will assist you to emerge from each level of clearing in a way that invites more. As you become clearer and lighter, you will find that the occasions of emergence and challenge will likely be more intense. This is because as you become clearer you are strong enough to withstand each successive release.

I have given you quite enough this day to dwell on in this time of change, and I feel that with this information you will be able to adjust to the changes that are coming your way with an exemplary advantage. You can now recognize that the changes that you may feel are but releases of karma and vibratory barriers to your higher self.

This is a glorious time to be here on planet earth, and I AM so pleased and honored to be a part of this process with you. We shall ride the waves of freedom and love on into the night of remembrance and the day of shining forth in truth and everlasting love.

They’re keeping the home fires burning, for I AM coming home and so are you.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


Hi Everyone,

  As I was receiving the Peru info the other day I was getting the fullness of the message, as often happens, and didn’t have words at the time to write it. It was that this cloud was to be an etheric vibratory mass that would hold a beautiful legacy of change for that region and a reawakening of some energy of integration for mankind. It was to be an opening for the unitedness of the days of Lemuria; a wonderful occurrence, and that Machu Pichu has been holding that energy in reserve for us.

I received these in my email the day after the news about the cloud in Peru.


Dear Nancy,

I find that I must write to tell you of my experience this evening.  I had read the message from Hatonn earlier in the day, and had more or less forgotten about it.  Just before dark I felt the urge to go to the store...not a terribly necessary trip...ice cream (!)  As I drove from my house I noticed a nice color in the eastern sky, and realized that I had likely missed the earlier colors in the west. 


When I came out of the store it was late dusk but there was an incredible huge brilliant orange in the west.  There were spikes of bright orange shooting south, and covering most of the span of western sky was a large swath of color that looked like half of a wing.  It was so beautiful, and unusual, and Hatonn's words came roaring back...amazing.

  I live in central Texas in the hill country.



Nancy, I live in southern Ohio, was on the way home last evening an there was

a storm front moving thru, really gray; the sun was starting to push thru. It was so

very bright, intense even. As it kept pushing thru you saw the bright white clouds that had been there, the dark clouds just started swirling and dissipating and evaporated leaving a

very beautiful sky; in looking around in other directions there was a very formed,

humongous, slightly gray cloud, instantly thought it was a craft hidden in the cloud.

Didn't get to read this till this morn, I think this was part of yesterdays energy in Peru. The cloud was such a different, interesting shape, real unusual.