Wakeup Call Message
April 27 , 2005





My dear ones, this is a day of choice for many people around the globe. This is a day when many are finding themselves facing a turning point in their lives, and with this turning point, they will be making a change in their life, or they will be backing up and settling into their comfort zone. I AM Hatonn, and with this message I come to you with the love of all there is and with the compassion that follows a time of uprising and change in ones life.


There is a series of energies that are being circumvented around the globe. This incidence of infiltration has been brought about by the concurrence of the people on earth who find that they are ready for the next phase to begin. This is not a phase that is to be taken lightly, while at the same time is a very Light way to take it.


With this decision-making taking place, we are seeing that there is a wave that envelops the planet, and this wave transcends all of mankind and the illusion that is created by mankind. This is the proverbial shoe in a mad hatter’s world, and there is going to be a scramble among some crowds as to which tree to climb and which one to pass on by. Let it be so, for it is all part of the world’s transition right now.


Some of you are not familiar I sense with what the shoe and the mad hatter have in common. I will tell you this. When Alice in Wonderland came into the garden and examined the circumference of the house that the hatter lived in, she compared it with the shoe that the old lady who had so many children she didn’t know what to do lived in. When Alice found this to be a similarity, she then supposed that there was a relation one to the other.


This is what is taking place with the inter-dimensionality of what is happening at this time on earth. Some are finding a similarity with other people’s lives and yet they know they are on a different plane than them. This is a similar occurrence that is causing some people to disparage and come to the conclusion that there is nothing that can be done, and therefore they do nothing. This is in the face of an opportunity that will come round again, and give them a chance to choose again.


My dear ones, this is but an example of what takes place when one finds oneself in a situation that brings change and new choices into their lives. It is sometimes a challenge that is ignored, for it means that they may have to climb a hill and not look back. For some the hill is too awesome, and this is fine, for when one finds a challenge too intimidating, one can see the iridescence of the energy and sense that it must be clear before he is ready to proceed through it.


All is perfect in these choices, and when one finds he is ready to step forward and into the next phase, then all is lined up and ready to accommodate that which the person has in intention. The pieces fall into place and warrant the next move and the next.


We of the Federation are in that kind of a phase ourselves, and as we see that the energies warrant the next move, then we are stepping into that energy and allowing the move to manifest as its potential allows. We see the shifting energy, and we know that there is cause and effect that is still facilitating this action. We run out of moves when the energy shifts, and then we see a whole new set of moves that is accommodated.


This is a succession of waves of energy that is involved in what is taking place right now. As events on earth are taking shape, and the actions are warranted we are able to proceed with the surety of accomplishment that is in potential for our intent and yours, which is the same. We garner our directions by reading your energies and the energies of the potential. When we see the match that enables manifestation, we slip into the cracks and are able to set in motion that which is united in that potential.


So you see, my dear ones, to the best of her abilities, Nancy has explained through her interpretation of our communication to her, the energies and movement of the interaction of all that is involved with how we are intervening and bringing the resolution of the dark to the light. This is why sometimes we are unable to direct a movement in the direction that you intend, for we are doing this from the dimensionality of the higher realms as they interface with the 3rd dimension.  It is a wave of action and energy that is taking place, and with this wave we ride the crest at times and then when the wave recedes and covers the land is when we are able to bring to movement and manifestation that which we have set in potential.


As I now prepare to leave this transmission I do so with one important fact. When the day on earth fades away into night in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be a whole new face upon the landscape of a certain area of the country of Peru. With this new face, we will be able to intercede and be a part of a certain energetic ‘cloud’ that is designed to be visible only to certain individuals. This cloud will be in place for the purpose of generating a wave that supercedes the wave I have spoken of in this message.


 This wave that is unique to the energies of Peru will contain the potential for certain memories of Atlantis to emerge and be contained within the minds and hearts of those who were involved with a particular aspect of Atlantian life. These ones will have the ability then to remember the parts of their lives there that will be brought forward to utilize in their work that goes forward from this point. It is a matter of bringing back their abilities to be put in motion to facilitate their involvement in bringing the energies of the unitedness of Atlantis and Lemuria.


This is a necessary part of the ascension process, and when it is in place, then it will be found to be influencing those of you all over the globe who are in line for tapping into this energy. This is a beautiful time for this to be occurring, for the planet is in her final throes of birthing the new earth, and this will be the final push that will enable the new earth to come into existence.


Once this is accomplished, then will begin the process of uniting all who have expressed in a manner that shows their intent to be a citizen of the new earth, into one intent. The process will be accelerated and brought into the realm of potential that manifests. Remember, there is still time on earth, and this will interpret itself in the manner that befits the process, so to say that it will happen at any particular time is to not realize that this cannot be forecast that precisely.


Because the timing of the event I spoke of is to be taking place at the end of this day, we are close enough to the time on earth so that the potential is already in position to take place.


I now take my leave from this message, and shall be at the ready to communicate on this or any other news that may come along. If you on the Northern hemisphere in the evening feel any different energy, or see some semblance of a difference in the sunset, know that you are tuning in to what is taking place in Peru.


We love you all, and we see that you are blessed and that you bring blessings to us all.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate