Wakeup Call Message
April 25 , 2005





My dear ones, I AM Hatonn, and I come to you this day to ask that you all inspect your lives and see what is there that cries out for forgiveness. I ask that you find it in your heart to regard all as your brother and sister, and warrant that there is no difference in this world one from another beautiful soul.


With this regard you will then find the notion of separation or difference to be null and void. You will find a swelling in your hearts and a deepening solace in your soul for the love to come forth and bath all in the light of forgiveness.


I know that you feel there is no forgiveness necessary for with forgiveness comes evidence of judgment. However, the forgiveness I speak of, and made reference to yesterday is one that bears repeating. When I explained that the forgiveness is a matter of forgetting, clearing one’s aura of any idea that is founded in fear, I did so with the knowledge that all of you understand that higher meaning of the word.


This I saw in example yesterday as I touched each of your energies. I saw the wonderful wisdom of understanding that you all emitted forth. Now I go one step further and I ask that you now take that step with me. I ask that you shine forth that light of forgiveness in the direction of anyone who seeks to disrupt your aura and infiltrate with an agenda that does not suit your intent.


I feel some of you already doing that, and the feeling is tremendously loving. I feel that it is opening the way for a clearing that will envelope all those around you who have asked for this clearing. I see that there is only one more thing that is left for you to do in this clearing, and it is to accept the gratitude that springs forth from everyone who feels the love pouring forth from your hearts.


Acceptance and gratitude are two of the most powerful tools that we have for interacting with ourselves and each other. With these tools we can do anything, close any gaps and intercede in our own behalf to bring the completeness of our love to everything and everyone with whom we come into contact.


This is the way of the masters. This is the way to heal all wounds left open and festering. This is the way to smooth a soothing balm of love over any situation that is not in line with the love and compassion that flows continually from the Creator.


When you behold one who seems to be apart from your own field, just pause for a moment in the love of the Christ, and see that one in that light. Know that this is the way to unity and to bringing to best of all there is into your life. There is no one who is separate from you, and in that truth you can see it from another point of view, and see the oneness that is the joiner of one to the other.


We here in this realm, standing right beside you and loving you have seen so much that is taking the energy from you. We see that there is only one thing that restores and that is complete and utter reunion with the light. We see the miracles that occur at every turn in the game. We see the unitedness of all of you combined in common cause, and the strengthening that results.


You all are the followers of the Christed energy. You all choose to follow in the steps that lead straight to the Creator. You are my brothers and sisters, and we together are making this world the creation of the promise that we made to ourselves all those eons ago.


We show the world our oyster, and we share the delight of loving the very example of what we know is the common good for all of us. Shine on with the light that blesses, and know that you are blessed with your own light and that of All That Is.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate