Wakeup Call Message
April 23 , 2005



 Hatonn Update 


Nancy: Hatonn, do you have any news for us about the subjects we covered last weekend?


Hatonn: Yes I do have some news for you, and it is that there are now two different ways in which we are coming to the announcement. With these ways we are generating the movements of energy and the movement of matter. In the first one, we see the propensity for change that this announcement will make. And in this way we will be able to stand in that energy and bring the announcement to you.


Q: Which announcement are you referring to?


Hatonn: Actually this will assist us in the announcement of both NESARA and the truth of 9/11.


In the second way, through the potential of matter, we have employed several of our ground operators out there in the field to cover the actions of the clones and see to it that they present a reasonable demonstration of their actions and still not be a threat to our progress.


Q: How does that relate to the way of matter creation to assist with the announcements?


Hatonn: In this way there is to be an integral time in which the people will be able to see and review certain points that some people will bring forward in the media. This is a matter of physical evidence that will emerge and be shared with the people through the media.


As far as the clones are concerned, we see that they could bolt and run, or be relegated to a state of hysteria if they were to be exposed to the ire of certain people who would bring this news out. Because of this, we have a close eye on the clones and will immediately cloister them in an undisclosed place in the eventuality that they would panic, and begin to act irrationally.


Nancy: Is the message that came out about the ones in the basement being taken to area51 actually what happened?


Hatonn: Yes, when we did indeed remove the ones from the basement of the white House, we did so with the authority of the ones who are now in control of area51. In fact, it was upon their invitation that we took them there.


When we arrived there we assured the members of the regime that they would remain here until such time as they were to appear before the world in confession. In this too was the courtesy that we gave to them of the assurance that they will not be harmed while they are in this process of being prepared to come before the public. Further we will give them absolute and complete protection during the trials and the time after including the sentencing and completion of the process.


Because of the nature of the actions that they have committed, we will be bringing them not only before the Supreme Court of the united states, but also before an independent panel, or council that will represent the people of the world and of the galaxy. This is because their actions were not in accordance with the laws of the universe, and this warrants that they appear before a Federation council.


Now I will address another matter, and that is that there is to be a standing down of several officers of the International World Court. These officers were found to have been in contempt in the proceedings that led to the throwing out of the measures of NESARA from that court.


This occurred at such a time as was delivered a direct order from the people of the country of the united states. This direct order came in the form of demands that the Court review and bring to resolution the judgment that NESARA is a legal and viable law and that it be announced forthwith.


Because these said officers did indeed slander and deface the documents that were presented, they have entered into a treasonous act against the united states, and against the world.


This is to coincide with the matters that are before the council now, which relate to the 9/11 event and the present regime’s involvement in it. This will be brought to a close before the council deliberations concerning the ones of the present regime in the united states. At such time, there will be a decision made and a resultant action taken.


Nancy: Thank you Hatonn, we really appreciate this news. Is there anything else before I send this out?


Hatonn: Not at this time, however there will be more later.