Wakeup Call Message
April 18 , 2005




  There Came 3 Knocks

Nancy: What is happening Hatonn?


We are holding true to our plan to bring the ones in custody to enough light that they will be able to appear before the public in a way that will not show their fear and their disconsolation.


As you know, there are many who are in dire need right now to believe in their president. They love and respect him, and I see that this comes from a deep recognition of who he is otherwise they would be able to see through the fašade he presents. The flame of light is so strong within that it shines forth and acts as a barrier to what is presented on the outside.


You see the nature of humans is to revere all who represent leadership and a love of God. They see that light when they hear the words coming from the mouths of the leaders, and because of the teachings that have been given to them by the religious leaders, they are only in receivership of what is represented as Godly. This is one advantage of the training that religion gives, and with that it is also one of the tightest programmings to change.


It is not a matter of convincing them that there is no truth to what the teachers bring, but to allow the students to see their own light coming forth to illuminate the truth of how they relate to The Creator God. This is where the division comes in, when there is a division. It comes with the fear and the oppression that together cause the light within to be shielded and forgotten in some instances.


The combination of these examples is an extremely powerful one. It brings the light of God and the fear of the unknown into the same energy and renders them one in the eyes of the ego. It also makes the person blanch in the face of iniquity when there is no other recourse but to trust the words of the teachers, lest they go to hell.


I am going to be with you as always I have been, and I will bring you the news as is appropriate. This is a time for all of you to keep your center, and to know that love is the deciding factor here, and no matter what, it does prevail. In truth we walk together. In fear we falter and fall. When that happens we help each other to stand again, for with love, there is no final delivery from the fold.


We love and respect each and every one of you, and with this truth, we go back to our wards, and we share some time with them in the light of The Creator.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate