Wakeup Call Message
April 17 , 2005



 Update Hatonn, April 17, 05

There came 3 knocks.

  Nancy: Hello, how are things going?

  Hatonn: My dear things are hopping.

  I would like to share some news with you and the world. There is to be a gathering tonight of top officials in the White House who have found our efforts to be not only comforting, but welcome and agreed upon as well.

  This is going to take some time in preparing to complete the assigned tasks that are in order for this announcement to take place. With these tasks, each of the officials will be taking their place in the lineup of the presentation of certain facts. These will serve to open the proceedings for the coming to justice of the ones responsible for the 9/11 event.

  When this happens then there will be a resumption of the orders, under Constitutional law that will bring all those responsible to the courts of the land. This will in turn satisfy the ones who choose to live here and carry on in the manner in which this country and the world will be carrying itself.

  There will be a return to Constitutional law as we have told you. In this fact there lives the knowledge that the results of this court case will set the precedent for the future of the justice system in this country, and eventually will be the backbone of the judicial systems around the globe, for it represents the Divinity of all.

  I would also like to inform all of you that there is validity to what has been reported thus far as to the events of last night April 16, 05. There is to be a full disclosure of what has taken place as soon as it is time to bring that forward. Please understand that there is a need for a degree of secrecy at this time, in the interest of protection of certain ones. We will continue to reveal the facts through various messengers, as we are able to bring them to you.

  One more point I will make is that there is to be a coming time when all of the facts will be available to everyone, and then there will be a reckoning for all as to what they can see as their reality.

  In the interest of peace and love between all, I suggest that you remember this one important truth: love is surrounding each and every messenger at every moment. The truth will-out, and all is in perfect order. This is a time for compassion and love between all of the beautiful people in the world.


  Question: What about those who have been held in security in the basement of the White House?

  These ones are under our security still. There is an ongoing process through which they will come to an understanding as to the veracity of their words. They have faced our tribunal, and before they are able to come before the people of the united states, they will have to undergo a simple procedure that will determine their ability to appear in a manner that befits their stature in some of the people’s eyes.

  This means that they will have a degree of modicum about them, and they will carry with them their true countenance that represents that they are in good hands. We have given them the best accommodations and they have had the best of care from our medical staff. We have employed the chefs from the White House kitchens to serve them healthy and grand food.

  We have no interest in presenting them in a light that speaks of their supposed distress. We strive to allow them to come to terms with their lot, and to benefit from our council. We love them, and we intend for them to be allowed their own voice. This is not an incarceration that keeps them in severe bondage. This is a time in which we surround them with the light of truth and the love and compassion that brings flame to the spark of love.

  Our foremost desire is to have these ones come to a degree of light and love that they have not experienced for eons. This is a daunting task, and as we proceed with our rehabilitations we are finding that they, though slow to respond, are showing signs of becoming more of who they are, and being able to shed the shell of non-emergence in which they have resided.

  I would like to share with you some of how this works. When the ones we speak of, the leaders of this country who are members of the illuminati, were taken into custody, they became unglued, as you may put it. When this happened, they became as frightened children, and found no solace in what we were offering them, which was a complete and total rehabilitation and refuge on another planet where they could begin the journey back to their light.

  They could not comprehend this as being in their favor, for our mere presence caused them excruciating pain. With this knowledge, we created a shield between them and us that would lessen the affect we had on them, so that they could experience this with some degree of normalcy. We were then able to communicate with them in a more equitable manner.

  With this development, we then began to address them with an offer to begin their rehabilitation, and then they would be able to face the people, and not be ‘stoned’ or unduly deprecated by them. At first they were absolutely not going to even think of this, for they were above all that, and they were the rulers over the people.

  We recognized that this is not the time for them to be facing the public, and that in order for them to eventually be able to, they would need to face our line of rehabilitation in a way that they set their own pace. Understand that when this sort of energy is present, that of complete and total thought of anarchy, there is no room for anything less than feeling they are above all law that does not agree with theirs.

  What we are doing now, is allowing them to choose their pace. In the meantime, they are in an atmosphere of love that is gradually drifting in through the shield in quantities that is self-adjusting to their capabilities to withstand. In this way, they will come to their own degree of assimilation, according to the rate of absorption that suits their energy field.

  Our intent is to do the most we can to bring a peaceful conclusion to this phase of the plan. We aim to see as much love in action and manifestation as is possible. With this, we will see a return to love by all of the people on earth, with this example right before their eyes. We see that the return to love by all on planet earth is within the realm of probability, and possibly sooner than we had thought.

 I leave this communication now, and I return to the pressing matter of administering to the ones with whom we stand at this time. I urge each and every one of you to take to heart what has been shared here, and find within the compassion that heals, and beam it forth with the gratitude that comes from the understanding of the words I have given.


 I see you all in residence in heaven, and that residence holds firmly to the soils of earth, and the energy of Mother Gaia, as she holds all of you and all in this basement room in tender love.

  I, or one of us, shall return at a later time with an update. Till then, we love and support you all.


  Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate