Wakeup Call Message
April 16 , 2005


 Three Knocks Came!

Special Hatonn April 16, 05

As to what I would like you to send out, let it be this:

There will be a new piece of evidence introduced to the storehouse already compiled to bring the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice. This is not as it has been portrayed, but an intentional order of treason and murder from within the governance of this nation. When the pieces all come together, and the result is obvious and known to the people, then there will be an opening for a closing of this case for all and forever.

This is a further working of what was to be announced last night. The delay that was anticipated has materialized and is being closed.

This will bring a new unity to the people, for when they are shown the actual truth, then they will know that in order not to fall, they must stand in unity with one another in order not to be more victimized than has already been the case.

We love and honor each of you, and we urge you to practice discernment and compassion, for the news that will be coming soon, will bring much uprising, and there will be a great need for the love of the Divine energy of all of you to rise to the surface and be lived.

I will be coming with more news throughout the day, and will bring as much as I can, as the circumstances permit. Go now and be the love that you are, for that will give great resolve and strength to this mission of Holy alliance that we enter into today.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate