Wakeup Call Message
April 15 , 2005





My dear ones, is this the day, or is this just another day of living within the shadow of the illuminati? What would you choose for your reality? Would you choose to take yourself out of the shadow, or would you still remain where they have a hold over you?


I see that you have already stepped out of the shadow, and have walked into the light and are living that light, no matter what the day brings. I AM Hatonn, and with these words I give you a method by which you can choose your reality and sing it to the rooftops.


No matter what the day brings you can see that it is full of promise and full of dynamic energy that springs forth from a sense of joy and a sense of abundant thinking and living. This is a time for all of you to find within your hearts the wherewithal to create your every moment in intent and in promise of the future that you desire.


Where were you last night when the world was sleeping? What were you doing as the dreams wafted through the atmosphere? I can tell you what many of you were doing; I can present to you an example of some of the activities that were taking place as your bodies rested in bed.


One of you for instance rose from your physicalness and drifted with a purpose to the pinnacle that you had prepared the night before. With this drifting, you were observing the activities that were taking place in Washington DC. You were seeing some of the people there in the White House keeping very late hours and adjourning a meeting that is held deep in the recesses of the basement chambers. You saw several people there all gathered round a table inlaid with ivory. The chairs were gilt with gold and on the arms was the finest silk covering a thin layer of cushion.


The people there were somber faced and some had a rise of red on their faces. These ones didn’t realize that they were being observed; yet they felt a disturbance that countered their state of expectancy. What they felt was a sense of lightness that they could not shake, and that countered that which they were involved with. It threw them off, and caused them to be distracted.


You see these ones were involved in shenanigans that would serve to tumble a nation that had long been a foe to this one. They sought to find a way to deliver them from the face of the earth forever, with one push of the button.


We knew this meeting was taking place, and we had directed the one who rose from the sleep to drift over this scene. We knew that in observing this scene there would be ground upon which to direct her energies in the night of service she was to perform.


My dear ones, as this one we speak of found herself at her destination, she gained momentum and arrived in place at the same time that the ones in the basement came to a startling conclusion. They had decided on a plan of action, and the one who had observed had witnessed and taken in the plan   *they set down, in entirety.


She then carried this information with her to the ship’s chambers and advised us of the plan. We then set in motion the forces we had enlisted on the ground, and immediately they were in place and applying the protection in force, so that this deed would not be carried out. Indeed, the ones in the basement did not even leave the room before the plan was dismantled and irrevocably deemed impossible to take place.


This is but one of the events that took place in the night. This is an example of what the illuminati do to divert attention from what they are facing in the hour of the day. They use events of a larger or lesser significance to shelter their plans that carry a deadlier implication to man.


We are prepared in this way to counter every move they make on this day. We are ready to serve them with the necessary papers to direct the efforts of their removal from the public acceptance of their positions. With the added strength of the lightworkers, we are able to develop the plans of evasion to the nth degree.


We know the energy of the day is loaded and expectant for those of you who live in the USA. We see the aura extend beyond the borders, and for the most part it is a dull color, due to the thoughts concerning this day. We already at this moment are able to go forward in the hours of this day and see bright spots popping up in that aura and spreading to extend into the dullness and encapture more spots of brightness.


This has the potential to expand so much that it will be one bright continual glow of light with the extended positive energy of all of you. You can, with your feelings of acceptance and love and compassion emit forth a beautiful glow of love for anything that comes your way today.


This does not in any way counter what you are expecting and hoping for. What it does is to provide an energy of acceptance that is open and free for the highest and best for the good of all to be created and manifest. This is the best thing that you can do with this day and for yourselves. To walk in joy and love and to accept what the day brings, knowing it is in the best interest of all.


We love you all so much, and we honor the journey you take and create. We feel the desire in your hearts, and we would dearly love to see what it is that you desire leap into manifestation. We suggest that you are what you desire, and you are the manifestation of your dreams.


The example we gave you is but one of the events that takes place in the night, and in your work you bring your reality to fruition, and the steps of the next day are set in the dreams of the night before. Follow them with open arms and a clear heart, for they are your destiny, and you live it every moment of your life.


I will see you once more in the dreamtime, and some day soon I will see you in the streets and homes of all who call us forth. That will be a grand day indeed.


Thank you dear commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


Hold the Press! I just heard a signal that Hatonn wants to talk with me again.


As I prepared to send out this message, I heard 3 very distinct knocks in the vicinity of the computer before me. I immediately knew that there was more for me to type. How did I know that? Because two nights ago as Bob and I were watching a movie in our living room, we heard 3 very loud distinct knocks on the window beside me.


After hurrying outside to investigate, and finding no one, nothing that could have made those knocks, we came back in and I knew that someone had something to tell me. I sat at my computer, and Hatonn came through telling me about a relevancy to what was being presented in the movie, ‘Cellular’, to what has been taking place in the world. It was showing how the families of victims of the illuminati are placed in extreme and terrifying danger in order to coerce the ones that they want to use for their purposes.


So back to this message, Hatonn then told me this: I am coming to see you all, and when I do, there will be a grand parade and there will be a celebration that has not been seen here in the history of the planet. When this happens I will fill the cup to overflowing and there will never be another empty cup in the whole of the world.


I would like to tell you that there is now meeting a council on the New Jerusalem that is adjourning for their duties on earth in about two hours. Now they are finding that they are able to infiltrate the chambers of the illuminati across the globe and instill in them either a feeling of surrender or a feeling of defeat.


Either way, they have come to know that they are defeated and their time is up as the leaders of planet earth. As we come to earth on this day and take our places in the various trouble spots, we will see a turnaround that should bring this great change to the doors of the world and into the hearts and living rooms of all.


We caution you all to keep the above Wake up Call message in heart, for your good and protection of your peacefulness. We are doing what we must, and this is the time for the manifestation of several carefully laid plans.


Yes, you can include this with your message.

Thank you Commander Hatonn

Love, Nancy Tate